Funding for Participants

Funding for Participants

KidSport™ is a national children’s program that helps kids overcome the financial barriers preventing or limiting their participation in organized sport.

KidSport™ Nova Scotia provides funding of up to $300/year/child for sport registration and/or equipment.

In operation since 1994, KidSport™ Nova Scotia has assisted over 10,000 children totalling over $2 Million.

In 2010 KidSport™ Nova Scotia allocated over $473,000 to more than 1830 children from

Sydney to Yarmouth.


A national charitable program for kids ages 4 to 18 in  financial need to participate in organized sports and recreation.

The program  is available throughout Nova Scotia.

Healthy Living Tax Incentive – 2012

The Healthy  Living Tax Incentive is a tax credit of up to $500 per child.

It is intended to  help with the cost of registering children & youth in sport or recreation  activities that offer health benefits.
Young people aged 17 and under who are registered in an approved organized  sport, physical recreation, or physical activity program qualify

for the tax  credit.

Please note: The expansion of the Healthy Living Tax Incentive to cover expenses for recreation registration for adults has been deferred for 2012. The program for young people, aged 17 and under, remains unchanged.

 Children’s Fitness Tax Credit

Since 2007, a non-refundable tax credit has been available for eligible fitness expenses paid to register a child in a prescribed program of physical activity. The credit lets a parent claim up to $500 a year for each child under 16 years of age or under 18 years of age if eligible for the

disability tax credit, at the beginning of the year in which an eligible fitness expense was paid.

Expenses must be claimed in the same year they were paid. Children with disabilities are eligible for an additional credit.

Always ask for a receipt when registering your child. The organizations providing the program will determine the part of the fee that qualifies for the children’s fitness amount.

The children’s fitness tax credit is calculated by multiplying your total eligible expenses by the lowest marginal tax rate (the rate for 2010 is 15%)


About Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011)

Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator for the Municipality of the County of Victoria
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