North Highlands Nordic Cross Country Ski Club Trail Shop Ski Marathon

North Highlands Nordic Cross Country Ski Club Trail Shop Ski Marathon

Held: March 4th, 2012

The top finishers: 42 km male     1.Daniel Murray, Dingwall 2:16:04                       2.Kris Doyon, Halifax  2:18:46                       3.Mark Campbell, Dartmouth 2:22:48

21 km  female 1.Mariah Hudec, North Sydney 1:23:29 2.Dorian Hudec, North Sydney 2:08:46                       3.Rosemary Algar, Aspy Bay 2:32:47

21 km male     1.Chris Milburn, Sydney 1:15:19                       2.Kevin MacDonald, Mineville 1:20:47                       3.Tommy Chubbs, South Ridge 1:20:56

14 km male     1. Edward Walsh, Halifax 44:40                       2.Colin Ward, Mahone Bay 45:10                       3.Jonah Hudec, North Sydney 45:51

14 km female  1.Kilya MacNeil, Bay St. Lawrence 49:26                       2.Sintija Lazovskis, Sydney 56:28 3.Helen MacDonell, Mahone Bay 1:22:01

4 km male       1.Brynn Dudley-Chubbs, South Ridge 18:06                       2.Aiden Costelo, Cape North 20:04                       3.Jabob Fitzgerald, Middle Harbour 25:14

4km female      1.Kelsey Burchell, Dingwall 28:33                        2.Anna Lazovskis, Sydney 34:26                        3.Jade Wilkie, Cape North 36:09 Complete results can be found at

About Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011)

Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator for the Municipality of the County of Victoria
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