Strategy Management Team for the Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy

Strategy Management – Senior Management Committee

(Representatives from Key Stakeholders/Partners Overlooks Strategy)

Partners & Representative                 

Chair, Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy:

-Eileen Woodford, Director-Rural Health, CBDHA


Victoria County – Sandy Hudson, CAO 

Nova Scotia Health & Wellness – Larry Maxwell, Cape Breton Region Representative 

Parks Canada – Vacant, Superintendent 

Heart & Stroke Foundation – Claire MacLean, Community Health Promotion Coordinator 

NS Transportation Infrastructure & Renewal – Steve MacDonald, Chair of Village Commission

Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board – Lewis MacDonald, Coordinator of Facilities Management


The VCAN Implementation Team (To date) ncludes the following members:

Amy MacKinnon               (Bay St Lawrence Rep-Centre)

Cheryl MacDonald           (Neil’s Harbour-Family Place)

Elaine Wallace                  (Parks Canada)

-North Shore/St. Ann’s         (Open-Requested Rep from SABDA)

Robin Stewart                    (Englishtown)

Patsy MacKenzie              (Big Bras d’Or Rep/Boularderie)

Eliot Frosst                         (Ross Ferry Rep/Boularderie)

Elyane Saul                        (Middle River Rep)

Sky Riverhawk                   (Outdoor Recreation)

Ann Marie MacNeil            (Iona Rep)

Debbie MacLean               (Dietician, VCMH)

Michelle LeBlanc              (Dietician, Buchanan)

Kathryn Gwynn-Brett       (Physio, Buchanan)

Aron Ashton                      (Physical Activity Educator, Public Health Services)

Vince Forrestall                 (Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator)

VCAN reports to the Senior Management Committee, while communicating and getting expertise, sharing resources from:

Community Consultation Network (Physical Activity Champions, leaders, organizations who are passionate and specialize in specific opportunities relating to to Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, Active Living, Healthy Lifestyles, etc.)


About Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011)

Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator for the Municipality of the County of Victoria
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