Wagmatcook Lecture Series

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 Time:    10am – 12pm Place:   Wagmatcook Centre (Main Floor) Price:    Free Registration Presenter:  Gerald Gloade, Millbrook First Nation (and the Mi’kmawey Debert Research Initiative). … Outline of the Presentation:   Mr. Gloade is a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker on the traditional practices of the Mi’kmaw people in the Atlantic Region.  He will go over some of the artifacts that have been found in their research work, the history behind the locations that the project has identified as places of historical significance and their relation to the history of Nova Scotia. Mr. Gloade will also take you on a journey throughout the last few hundred years showing the timeline of traditional hunting and gathering areas as well as showing documentations and pictures of what has been discovered as documented evidence of Mi’kmaw existence thousands of years ago here in Mi’kmawki.  Student Participation: Schools/students are encouraged to participate in these lectures as they provide a great opportunity to learn about a wide array of topics involving Aboriginal culture, heritage through oral history, events, songs and dance.  Note:  For larger groups, we encourage you to please call and register ahead of time if possible, especially if you need any additional services for food or other presentation requirements that you may be interested in inquiring about. PS:  Please note again that this is next Wednesday and not on our regular Thursday’s.  Thanks! Sincerely, Robert Bernard Cultural Lecture Coordinator Wagmatcook Centre 902-295-2999 Main 902-295-3306 Fax 902-302-0515 Cell www.wagmatcook.com

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