Bras d’Or Yacht Club Hosts AGM

Sunday’s, March 30th AGM A Success
A Wonderful Board to Lead the Club through 2014:
This is the new team:
Commodore (new) – Ernest Roberts
Vice Commodore (returning) – Willie Reid
Rear Commodore (Returning) – Tyler Germani,
Treasurer (returning) – Lyn Duchesney
Secretary (new) – Catherine Ann Fuller
Learn to Sail (returning) – Kathy Anne Woodford
Bar Chair (Returning) Ron MacIntyre
Past Commodore – Heather Harvey
Directors (Returning)
Art Coakley, Rodney Harvie, Directors (new) – Dean Baldwin, Paul Jamieson, Jackie Hendricksen. The position of Entertainment Chair has been added to the Board. This position will be filled in coming weeks!! Welcome to everyone…the club is in great hands!

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Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator for the Municipality of the County of Victoria
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