Mi’kmaq Youth Retreat

Mi’kmaq-Nova Scotia-Canada Tripartite Forum, Recreation Nova Scotia, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, and St Mary’s University will be hosting Life Success

The retreat will be primarily facilitated by Steve Oliver, Wellness Consultant, and Heidi Weigand, Director, Centre for the Study of Sport and Health at Saint Mary’s University, with involvement from Gerald Gloade, Mi’kmawey Debert Public Information Officer; Glenn Knockwood, MicMac Friendship Centre; Josee Bourgeois, Traditional Dancer and Recreation professional; Krista Devoe, Membertou; and others.

The retreat will take place over two weekends. June 27-29, 2014 and Sept 19-21, 2014. Transportation will be provided via Markie Bus Tours (CB and NS East/North) and Tim Horton’s Bus (Valley and South Shore). We will try our best to have the bus stop in every community, but there may be times when a more neutral pick-up spot will be necessary.

The content of the two weekends will involve a total of 10 modules. The modules are very interactive, involve some physical activity, and are meant to build resiliency in youth. The modules will have a focus on healthy lifestyle choices. Participants will help to prepare healthy snacks and meals, and the evenings will involve recreational and cultural activities designed to build teamwork and and appreciation for culture.

We are aiming for 2 youth from each community. Preferably in the 16-18 age range, and hopefully a male and female from each. As well, we hope to include 2 Off-Reserve Youth. The youth who will likely benefit most from the session are those who are nearing the end of High School and will have a great eal of decisions to make as they move forward in their lives.

The event will take place at Gitten’s Lodge, just outside of Truro, NS. It is a lodge, so participants will need sleeping bags, pillows and to be prepared to sleep in bunks, sharing a space with others. The facility has fully operational bathrooms and kitchen.

Registration forms has more details about the event and Code of Conduct (Available from Matt-see below), which we will be asking each participant, and parent/guardian to sign before attending the event. If you feel there needs to be some changes to the Code, please feel free to let me know.
MiKmawYouthRetreatCode of Conduct2014
MiKmawYouthRetreatRegistration Form2014
Registration forms are due JUNE 2, 2014, and can be faxed to Matt Pryde at 1-902-426-2192 or via e-mail at matthew.pryde@hc-sc.gc.ca. Please honour the deadline, as a great deal of planning needs to happen to ensure transportation, adequate food, etc. Late registrations will not be accepted.

Please circulate information about this event and do your best to recruit participants. Final say as to who participates will be in the hands of communities, and I am looking forward to meeting and working with those you select.

As always, I am available for questions. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or at the number below. Thank you all in advance for doing your part to support the growth and development of Mi’kmaq Youth.

Matt Pryde, Physical Activity Specialist
Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative- Atlantic Region
Health Canada
902-426-9162 (tel) / 902-292-4996 (cell) / 902-426-2192 (fax)
Get out and be active everyday!

About Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011)

Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator for the Municipality of the County of Victoria
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