The Call for New Horizons is Now Open

The Call for Proposals is now open for the period of May 13th to July 4th 2014.
Information can be found on our Website at:

A News Release to announce the call can be found here:;jsessionid=5c1c879448c29b7d8583b90996503dbc108e2160841e0c5b14910cbc25b1c609.e34Rc3iMbx8Oai0Tbx0SaxqOahz0?crtr.sj1D&crtr.mnthndVl=1&mthd=advSrch&crtr.dpt1D=420&nid=847439&crtr.lc1D&crtr.tp1D=1&crtr.yrStrtVl=2008&

The call will also be announced during various events and public announcements in the next two weeks for senior groups, non profit organizations, and municipal governments

About Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011)

Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator for the Municipality of the County of Victoria
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