Friday May 8, 2015
11 am – 1 pm; No Admission
with Baddeck Hospital Auxiliary

CanadaHealthDay2014 CanadaHealthDayA CanadaHealthdayB CanadaHealthDayC2014 CanadaHealthDayD2014 CanadaHealthDayE2014 CanadaHealthDayF2014 CanadaHealthDayG2014 CanadaHealthDayH2014 CanadaHealthDayI2014

-Luncheon, Bake sale at Victoria County Memorial Hospital
-Voluntary Donation, Ticket Draw.

Proceeds from the draw go towards items for the hospital.

About Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011)

Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator for the Municipality of the County of Victoria
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