Victoria County Workplace Wellness Network Luncheon


Workplaces in Victoria County are invited to send a representative to a Victoria County Workplace Wellness Network Luncheon on May 12, Ski Cape Smokey Lodge, 11 am to 1 pm.

The FREE event is being organized by Naturally Active Victoria County as part of the Municipal Physical Activity Strategy in Partnership with Public Health Services-Nova Scotia Health Authority and Heart & Stroke Foundation.

It’s a Lunch & Learn to network and to learn more on having resident employees living an active & healthy lifestyle in the workplace. It will consist of Information sharing including presentations by Naturally Active (Municipal Pilot: Committee, Plan, Policy, Initiatives, Subsidization, etc.), Aron Ashton, Public Health Educator-Public Health Services for the NS Health Authority, Claire MacLean NS Heart & Stroke, along with  Chef George Smith & Dietician Debbie MacLean will be on hand for their “Eat Drink & Be Healthy” Session including preparation of a healthy lunch for all in attendance.

If attending, please rsvp: Cyndi Ingraham, Physical Activity Outreach Development Coordinator (Naturally Active Victoria County):

The goal of the Luncheon is creating a healthy “Workplace Wellness” Network in Victoria County by supporting employers and their employees.


11 am                    Presentations

-Naturally Active Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy

-Heart & Stroke Walkabout

-CBDHA – Healthy Communities

12:15 pm              “Eat Drink and Be Healthy” – Lunch: Chef George Smith & Dietician

12:30 pm              Victoria County Workplace Wellness model

12:50                     Actions

1:00 pm                Wrap-up at 1 pm


– To improve the overall health of Workplace Organizations and the well-being of their Employees and Families

– A Workplace Policy aims to increase the overall health-levels of our employees, and improved quality of life

– Healthy employees suffer fewer health-related injuries and are less-frequently ill and live longer with a higher quality of life

Workplace Wellness ‘being healthy starts in the workplace” and a Workplace Wellness Action Plan is an Evidence-based approached for a healthier, active and productive workplace.

Physical Activity Got International Spotlight (May 2004) – World Health Assembly adopted the WHO Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity & Health United Nations General Assembly (September 16, 2011) Resolution adopted to rally the world toward addressing non-communicable disease epidemic humans face. Inactivity “Should be considered a pandemic”. It has caused around one in 10 deaths globally, which is comparable to the effects of smoking. 1st time in history: Global Health Policy included specific physical activity solutions. As part of the Whole of Government and Whole of Society approach recommended by the resolution, physical activity solutions included Workplace Health Promotion Programs.

Almost half of Victoria County residents (47%) are Physically Inactive (Community Health Assessment: “Understanding Our Health” telephone survey – Victoria County Community Health Board)

Vision – To work towards creating a workplace that allows and encourages employees to reach and maintain their optimal level of health -Collaboration -Building Capacity -Policies -Managerial Support -Active Workplace Committees -Shared best practices

Mission – All employees working together to adopt an active & healthy lifestyle in the workplace and at home to achieve personal and group goals leading to other workplace participation within Victoria County.

By encouraging and supporting employees employers can help to improve employee health and therefore benefit from employees that are healthy and productive.

-Healthier & happier workplace

-Employees benefitting physically, mentally, socially & environmentally -Reduction in personal health care expenses -Improved health & well-being -Increased cohesiveness, morale & job satisfaction, leading to positive attitude -Decreased absenteeism, less injuries -Increased productivity -Fewer insurance & workers’ compensation claims-Re-invest with return to work around wellness -Better retention & recruiting -Enhanced business reputation -Not only does the workplace affect the well-being of the worker, but the health of the worker affects the success of the organization

About Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011)

Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator for the Municipality of the County of Victoria
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