Community Wellness Room at Baddeck Academy Returns Tonight (Jan. 3, 2017)

Community Wellness Room
Baddeck Academy
Mondays to Thursdays
6-8 pm
Leader: Cecil Kerr
FREE – Males & Females Ages 16 & up
Nov 14 – Dec 14, 2016 Usage Report:
Thank You for Contributing to the Success of the 5th Season at the Community Wellness Room, Baddeck Academy. Leader Cecil Kerr reported 126 drop-ins & 19 registrants during the 1st month of use at the Community Wellness Room at Baddeck Academy from Nov 14 to Dec 14, 2016. It’s Greatly Appreciated
Your Partners for Your Health:
CBVRSB, Baddeck Academy, Naturally Active for Life Victoria County, NS Dept Communities, Culture & Heritage and NS Thrive
Please enter the door just outside the small fitness room at the school. Please do not use the main door of the school. You can drive to the door for convenience if you wish, go into the CBVRSB Garage area, up behind the cafeteria, past the playground equipment and to the front to the door. This allows better access. Facility Leader of the Program Cecil Kerr with let you in. Cecil is usually stationed in the main lobby, just outside th community wellness room.

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