Spectacular Humes River Falls (60 ft)

Region:          Victoria County, Cape Breton
Community: Wagmatcook
Length:          12.41 kms (7.71 mi) total
Hiking time: 3-4 hrs
Trail type:     Natural surface
Uses (no snow): The first portion of the trail is ATV, mountain biking and walking trails, clearly cut and wide. The Humes River Trail is new, narrow and long.
Uses (snow): The first portion of the trail is snowmobile and snowshoe trails, clearly cut and wide. snowmobiling, snowshoeing. Note: Takes longer to complete the trail snowshoeing, conditions, etc.
Facilities: Parking area at the school or in vicinity, no washrooms, all natural
Dog Use: off-leash permitted
Access Information: Highway 105 through Waycobah and/or Nyanza and drive into Wagmatcook First Nation. Turn left (Coming from Waycobah)/right (Coming from Nyanza) across from The Wagmatcook Fire Department onto Humes Rear Road and follow the road up to the school parking lot roughly 1.5 kms up the hill, road. You’ll pass the Wagmatcook Health Centre on the left, Wagmatcook Band Office, Ball Fields until you see the new school, Wagmatcookewey, on the right. Parking lot is opposite of the school.
Introduction: Humes River Falls Trail is clearly visible as it is a worn path and includes trail marking tape as well (Keep in mind the height of the snow in the winter, with no path visible, need to rely on trial marking tape, possibly compass, gps)].
-Park at Wagmatcook school. Head straight into the continuation of the Humes Rear Rd dirt road/path. Don’t go behind the school, go straight. You’ll go straight and you’ll see an open space, signage and a roadway/trail up to the right, do not go there, stay straight until you hit the 1st bridge that needs maintenance on the right side and front of it. Cross that bridge and continue straight until you hit the second bridge. but has washed away. a plank will be there to cross the water. Continue until you come to a T in the road. Go Right. Follow that path roughly 2.5 kms until you see the trail marking tape on both the right side and the left side. Take a left on the worn path and follow that up to the peak. You’ll go by a foundation as you head up. Follow the worn path, trail markings to the falls. You’ll decline to the first brook along the way with rushing water. There is a crossing straight ahead with a rope to help with your balance, or go to the right 25 ft with a rope across, which tends to be easier. Make your way up after crossing and then you reach a second brook, much easier to cross and follow that to the falls look-off with a spectacular view for pictures. Make your way to the bottom of the falls, if capable and enjoy the breathtaking 60 ft waterfall. Take your time, no race, you’ll love it, take lots of pictures. Wear bug spray, take refreshments, water with you.
Cautionary Notes: Wildlife (Bring someone with you or hike with a group/scheduled guided hike. If you see wildlife: BAM-Back Away, Act Big, Make Noise). Hunting permitted. Crossing water streams, Steep climbs. Motorized vehicles in some sections. Cell Phone reception is generally available at higher elevations. Bring lots of water and snacks, make sure your shoes are comfortable and able to get wet.
Rating (1-5): 5 [Length, Steepness, Brook Crossings, Tree Stumps, Windfalls, Narrow Path Around Trees, No Trail Signage (Trails Markings, Visible Worn path – keep in mind the height of the snow in the winter, with no path visible, need to rely on trial marking tape)]. Ratings are designated from 1 to 5 indicating suitability for all fitness and experience levels, with 5 being suitable only for experienced and very fit outdoor people. Novices should only choose level 1 and 2 hikes, and work their way up. Level 4 and 5 hikes have indicators associated with their ratings.
Victoria County Scenic Trails:
Humes River 60 ft Waterfall Pictures (All Seasons):



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