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Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011)

Municipal Physical Activity Strategy

Victoria County has mountains and hills, valleys and beaches. There are plenty of opportunities to get active!

A strategy to promote activities of all levels for residents of Victoria County was launched in 2011. The program saw consultations with community groups and leaders that created physical activity programs for youth, seniors, First Nations Communities, women and more.

Since then, in addition to an increased number on activity opportunities, health & wellness policies have been developed within the county and a number of community partnerships are now in place.

If you are looking for information on activities, healthy eating, overall wellness, check out the Naturally Active for Life link here.

If you want to be naturally active for life – Victoria County is the place to be!






Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy

  • Naturally Active for Life Victoria County Since  2011 – MPAL: Municipal Physical Activity Leadership Program – Partnership between Victoria County & NS Dept of Communities, Culture & Heritage 
  • Strategy was Renewed for 1 Year: 2016-2017 (6th Year)
  • Strategy Was Renewed: 2017-18 (7th Year)
  • Strategy was Renewed 2018-19 (8th Year)

Tenerife2017DSCN9012Vince Forrestall, Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator

Municipality of the County of Victoria


Box 370, 495 Chebucto St, Baddeck, NS B0E 1B0

Tel: 902.295.3661 / Cel: 902.295.0387 / Fax: 902.295-1864


How does the Municipal Physical Activity Strategy fit into the Municipality of the County of Victoria Municipal Structure? Please download the following:

VictoriaCountyMunicipalityStructureJanuary 2016

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