Strategy Call to Action

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Call to Action

Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Physical Activity Strategy Est. 2011) is a call-to-action for community groups, organizations and leaders, business & government to address the health risks facing residents & visitors, associated with physical inactivity and unhealthy eating.

Not meeting the required daily amount of minutes of physical activity each day and not eating the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables and the negative health, social, economic and environmental impacts must be addressed through a coordinated and collaborative community response. Initiatives are required, including new programs, improved policies and practices, increased awareness and supportive built and social environments to overcome the health risks.

The Municipal Physical Activity Strategy for Victoria County responds to this challenge with six goals with action plans and objectives

-Initiatives chosen for Victoria County (in most cases have proven successful elsewhere)
-Clear priorities, lead partners, supporting partners and a Victoria County Action Network to support the implementation of the action plans
-Physical activity targets groups and measurements for 2017 to evaluate the success of the strategy
-Ongoing commitment to research, monitoring and evaluation to continually update and improve the strategy as needed
-Implementation approach to secure resources, build partnerships and established ongoing management structure for sustainability

The Strategy charts a course for the future that helps correct these health issues. To be successful, community organizations and leaders, businesses, government and partners must respond to this call-for-action, embrace the Strategy and participate in its implementation.

Your Health, Our Strategy

A Physical Activity Strategy for all ages, all residents and all areas of Victoria County leading to an active and healthy lifestyle “Can exercise anywhere in the County; Physical activity is at our back door in our natural environment” – Leader, Middle River Planning Days Session

“At its root, nature is empowering. We must tap into this abundant source of energy. The renewing power of the natural world sustains us, our children and our fellow Canadians. Nature play reminds us that it’s OK to be outside. It’s OK to play and get grass-stained knees, dirty palms and a sticky shirt. It’s more than OK… It’s necessary!!” – Adam Kreek, Olympic Gold Medalist & Nature Play Day Ambassador

Important piece of information you have shared here Vince. I so agree with the learning outdoors concept and practice.  Learning becomes more hands on and exciting when all senses are awakened.  Thank you for sharing”. – Marjorie Principal, Wagmatcookewey


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