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Whether you have school-aged kids or not, September tends to feel like the real beginning of the year. Start this one off on the right foot by committing to making it a year of being active.



Top stories


Research suggests being active is more important to academic performance than homework

After hearing from the experts that being active has more impact on test scores than homework, this dad is determined to advocate that his children get assigned homeplay instead of homework. Where do you land in the homework debate?


5 reasons it’s cool to walk to school

Do your back-to-school plans include active transportation? There are so many reasons walking to school is valuable for kids. These five just scratch the surface. If cycling is more your speed, this fantastic bike rodeo idea will get kids practicing their skills.


Childcare centres: making physical literacy the norm

Early childcare centres are the perfect place to focus on helping children develop physical literacy and that’s great for parents and kids. Barriers can make it difficult for some centres to do so. Find out what the challenges are and what is being done to overcome them.


Want active kids? Focus on how much YOU are moving

New research shows that parent activity levels have a big impact on how much their kids move. If you haven’t been prioritizing your own health and activity, there is no time like the present!


How having a dog helps kids develop physical literacy

Bringing a puppy or full-grown dog into the family is a big decision. One of the many great reasons to adopt a furry friend is how they can help get everyone moving and developing movement skills.



Role model spotlight


Sekou Kaba

Sekou Kaba is an Olympic hurdler (2016) and motivational speaker. Kids will be amazed by his ability to fly over obstacles both on and off the track. Get to know Sekou and help us welcome him to the #AfLfamily.



Featured activity



What classic game develops balance, coordination, and rhythm? Hopscotch! This favourite playground game will keep kids busy and having fun for hours on end this fall.



Link of the month


Coaches are a crucial part of building a healthy, active community and National Coaches Week (September 23 through 30) is a great time to say #ThanksCoach! Get involved in National #CoachesWeek.


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