Active For Life

JUNE 2017



From Father’s Day to the summer solstice to the end of the school year, there’s a lot to celebrate this month! These tips, printables, and activities are guaranteed to get everyone up and active this June.



Top stories


Celebrate the fathers in your life

Give the dads in your life some inspiration with this collection of dad-inspired posts, including Father’s Day printable coupons, Daddy and me resources for dads with children up to the age of 6, and 10 fun ways to spend an active day with dad.


Campout in the backyard this month

With the weather warming up, we’re thinking about camping. Before you pack up the vehicle, though, here’s everything you need to know for a successful trial campout, with your child, right at home.


Share your love of activity with new Canadians

For new Canadians, it can sometimes be confusing getting to know a new neighbourhood. One of the most welcoming things you can do for your new neighbours is to show them around and share your love for being active. Help another family enjoy all Canada has to offer!


8 ways to make hiking fun for kids

Dream of taking the kids for a lovely hike in the woods that leads to a sparkling lake? Those dreams get dashed pretty quickly when little feet get tired and stop moving altogether. These simple and easy tips will get the whole family excited about hiking.


Recipe for an active day

We know nutrition is important, which is why we teach kids how to choose a balanced meal. Now there is a “movement menu” that gives them many different healthy choices for moving their bodies every day. Our printable resource will empower your kids to get moving this summer.



Role model spotlight


Glen Mulcahy

Glen Mulcahy is the founder and CEO of PARADIGM Sports. He’s also a speaker for the Changing the Game Project and a Hockey Canada NCCP course facilitator for BC Hockey. All of his professional activities come from what he learned as a dad to young athletes. Get to know Glen and help us welcome him to the #AfLfamily.



Featured activity


Baseball batting

Time to get out the bat and ball! This fun activity helps your kiddos learn to strike. The better they feel about this skill the more fun they will have playing baseball, tennis, and badminton with their friends this spring and summer.



Link of the month


Our partners at The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) have developed a valuable infographic that identifies why it’s so important that we get girls moving when they are young. Check it out and share with your friends!




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