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APRIL 2017



Spring cleaning? The most important task should be to air out kids who may have been gathering dust during the winter. It’s fun to get outside, and you can help them remember that with this month’s tips.



Top stories


18 ways to get kids to go outside

Sometimes even the most active kids need a little encouragement to stop what they’re doing and go outside. These 18 parent-tested tricks will get them having so much fun you won’t be able to get them back inside.


Why gardening is a great activity for kids

April is gardening month and it’s the perfect time to introduce your children to this fun outdoor activity. There are plenty of benefits that come from getting close to the dirt. Among them are the movement skills that are developed from doing things like raking, planting, digging, and pulling weeds.


10 creative ways to develop physical literacy that don’t involve playing sports

Not all boys dream of being hockey players. Not all girls yearn to be ballerinas. Don’t get trapped by stereotypes when it comes to activities for your kids. There are many ways to develop physical literacy.


30 days of family physical literacy activities in one spot

Don’t worry if you missed our March family physical literacy challenge. The entire list of activities have been compiled so you can do them anytime. Use the hashtag #AfL30days to let us know how it’s going and to see updates from other families that are having fun doing them too.


Keep your kids active all summer long at these fun camps

Friendships made, long days of fun in the sun, and getting to try out new skills and activities are some of the best things about summer camp. The worst part are the hours you’ll need to spend in front of a computer trying to figure out what the options are. Hooray, we’ve done the research for you! Here’s our annual list of summer camps across the country to help you find the best fit for your active child.



Role model spotlight


Erin McLeod

AfL Role Model Erin McLeod is as impressive as a person can be. She won an Olympic medal with the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team. She conducts interviews, writes, creates art, and is a singer-songwriter, too. Get to know more about Erin and please help us welcome her to the #AfLfamily.



Featured activity


Balance poses

This activity helps kids develop balance and can test the skills of adults, too. Trying to balance is fun on its own, but it’s also important in everyday life. Every sport and activity requires some balance; for example, riding a bike. Spend a few minutes a day working on balance this month and note how much you’ve all improved by May.



Link of the month


Hot tip for parents who have signed on to coach their child’s teams this spring or summer: Coach Initiation in Sport is an online module that introduces coaches to foundational coaching skills. Whether you’re new or experienced, you’ll benefit from learning about long-term athlete development, ethics, coaching motivation, and athlete safety and wellness. Coach Initiation in Sport is available to use for free until August 3, 2017. After that, the learning module will cost $15.



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