CAAWS – Cdn Assoc Advancement Women in Sport and Physical Activity

The WISE Fund is live!


The Women in Sport Encouragement (WISE) Fund is accepting applications! If you are creating opportunities that will keep girls in sport or advance female sport leadership, this grant program is for you. We’re awarding ten $1000 grants again this year.


Application deadline is November 10th.


The Province of Nova Scotia has recently partnered with Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport & Physical Activity (CAAWS) to deliver the Women in Leadership program in Nova Scotia.  CAAWS’ Women and Leadership Program consists of a series of professional development sessions that blend theory with practical applications, and provide an opportunity for women working or volunteering in the sport or physical activity sector to share experiences, reflect on ideas and apply specific techniques. The sessions also allow for networking opportunities among participants. As part of the Active Living Branch‘s  commitment to increasing female leadership in sport and recreation settings, we hosted a training event to train instructors to deliver these modules in Halifax on October 24th -26th 2014. In the New Year our goal is to get our new facilitators active and to deliver the modules to groups of female participants from the sport and physical activity sector.

The three hour workshops are designed for women working or volunteering in Canada’s sport and physical activity sector (administrators, coaches, officials, board members, etc.). New workshop content was developed with the experiences of young professionals in mind, but workshop discussion benefits from a diverse group based on age, role, and experience. Workshops were designed to be delivered to a female-only audience.

Workshops we can deliver include Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution, and  Influencing Change. Full descriptions of the workshops can be found at the following link.

If a group or organization is interested in hosting a CAAWS workshop in their area, please contact:

Mike Hudson, Active Living Consultant – Coaching Education/Leadership Development

Active Living Branch, Department of Health and Wellness

Barrington Tower

1894 Barrington Street

14th Floor

Halifax, NS   B3J 2A8

Tel: (902) 424-3913 Fax: (902) 424-0663

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