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MARCH 2018



Spring is around the corner. There’s no better time than a change of season to shake out those cobwebs and try something new. Check out the activities, tips, and suggestions below to kick off a more active month. In the spirit of freshening up for spring, you may notice that things are looking a little different over at Active for Life. We’ve redesigned the site to make it easier for you to find the stories that you find most valuable.



Top stories


Staying in town over Spring Break?

On those days you want to hunker down at home but still want to move and be active, find something to do from our list of 20 fun activities. For some out-of-the-house excitement, check out this list of Spring Break programs across the country!


More evidence that half-ice hockey is better for kids

This controversial topic continues to generate discussion, and sometimes vocal opposition, among hockey parents and coaches. In this follow-up article, Richard Monette digs deeper and outlines more facts that prove that half-ice hockey truly is better for kids.


Find out why these music camps are teaching kids how to run, jump, and throw

It might not be the first thing you’d expect, but in Saskatchewan, these free music camps for marginalized children and youth are integrating movement skills into the daily routine. Here’s why they added this physical literacy component to the benefit of kids and why they’re keeping it in 2018.


How to be a mindful parent when it comes to kids and sports

Put your child’s overall development and joy of playing at the top of your priority list. These 5 strategies will equip every parent to take a mindful and positive approach to their child’s sport participation.


Host your own 2018 International Women’s Day walk

This year, get moving while celebrating gender equality! All the kids in your life will be proud to be part of this special day. Here’s a step-by-step guide to hosting your own International Women’s Day walk.



Featured activity


30-day physical literacy challenge

This a fun and easy way to increase the amount of physical activity your family does each day. Try it for 30 days to lock in this healthy habit.



Link of the month


Audio books are a perfect accompaniment to being active. If you haven’t tried one yet, start with a free trial from Audible with The Conscious Parent, by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, and transform your parent-child relationship with this game-changing parenting book.





February has everyone at Active for Life excited about the amazing feats of physical literacy we’re about to witness in PyeongChang. Will you be watching the Olympic Winter Games as a family? Your child might be inspired to try a new activity or find a new hero to look up to.



Top stories


All you need to know about the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang

Bookmark this page for links to the schedule, activities, and interviews and videos with athletes like Canadian flag-bearers, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.


Get outside and play this winter

Whether you live near the mountains or by a great tobogganing hill, this video and these awesome kids will motivate your little one to gear up and get outdoors this winter. Watch and be inspired to go out and play!


Don’t let social media get in the way of enjoying your kids playing

Sometimes we all need a reminder that what we see on social media is someone else’s highlight reel. This guest post from the Ontario Minor Hockey Association helps parents remember that the beauty of sport is in the fun, not in the winning (or in the posting of pictures of winners on Facebook).


Early years programs need more active play, so share these resources with your child’s daycare 

Recently, U of T professor, John Cairney, shared advice with parents about how to ensure that their kids in daycare are getting appropriate daily physical activity programming. These resources give early years educators lots of new ideas. Share them with your daycare today!


Serena Williams’ advice to her daughter and all girls

Serena Williams doesn’t care if her daughter ever picks up a tennis racket, but there is one thing she cares about deeply. In this beautiful message to her baby girl, Serena shares what she does wish for and it’s a must-see for any parent of a daughter.



Featured activity


AfL mini games

If watching the Olympics has your kids fired up about trying a new sport, you can get them started right now, at home! This how-to guide will have them trying some of their favourite winter sports.



Link of the month


These tips from the Childhood Obesity Foundation and the Centre for Healthy Active Living at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario are helpful for any parent concerned about their child’s weight.  


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