Get More From Sport

Get More From Sport – campaign now live! 

Early sport specialization is on the rise in youth sport, and it’s a disturbing trend. Many parents of young kids genuinely believe that more is better, that they are giving their child an edge by narrowing in on one sport, or even that specializing in one sport is a matter of competitive survival.

What parents aren’t hearing, however, is the danger. Studies around the world consistently document how early sport specialization can lead to injuries, increase drop-out rates, and hurt overall athletic development. This is happening at a time when we desperately need our children to stay active in sport.

Enter Get More From Sport, an education campaign co-developed by Sport Nova Scotia, Hockey Nova Scotia and Soccer Nova Scotia. This campaign shows how multi-sport participation can increase enjoyment, build stronger bodies, keep kids active for longer, and even lead to greater success in sport.

Be a Part of it

Use our Campaign Toolkit (attached) to show leadership and help educate within your own organization. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Add the “Multisport Supporter” badge to your website to show you’re on board
  2. Educate your own stakeholders by using the social media posts we’ve prepared
  3. Apply the auto-signature to your out-going emails

take the test yourself!

For further information:

Dean Morley,

Cape Breton Community Sport Development,

Sport Nova Scotia