After the Bell – After School Time Period Since 2013



After School Time Period

2017-18 Preparations

Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011) Proud to Participate in the Cape Breton Region After the Bell After School Time Period Partnership Meeting August 29, 2017 in Inverness as we prepare for 2017-18.

Thank You to all Partners for their Participation & Contribution. Victoria County “GO” (Get Outside – in Nature) has been benefiting residents Since 2013!

Proud Partners for Your Health:
-Naturally Active for Life Victoria County
-Victoria County
-NS Dept Communities, Culture & Heritage
-Baddeck Academy
-Cabot School
-Wagmatcookewey School

After School Time Period 2016-2017 Highlights



(April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017)

3rd Annual Santa’s Workshop Bay St Lawrence Community Centre Dec. 3, 2016
Baddeck Academy & Wagmatcookewey School Skates Dec. 13, 2016
Boularderie School After-school Yoga Dec. 13, 2016
Baddeck Academy After-school Yoga Dec. 13, 2016
Cape Smokey Learn to Skate Program Dec. 15, 2016
Smokey Recreation Society Ingonish Outdoor Rink Dec. 19, 2016
Smokey Recreation Society Ingonish Outdoor Rink Dec. 19, 2017
Cdn Ski Patrol – Cabot Ski Cape Smokey Jan. 6, 2017
Claire Maxwell Lifeguard for Swim at Inverary Resort Feb. 20, 2017
Bay St Lawrence Community Centre Hockey, B’ball, Crafts, Baking Nights Feb. 13, 2017
Youth Paint Nights
Victoria Highland Civic Centre After-school skates (Jan 26 to March 9) 13-Feb-17
Victoria Highland Civic Centre After-school Special Events Skates Feb. 13, 2017
Patricia Fricker, KettleBell Instructor 10 wk lymphatic drain through exercise
Asst from Dr. S Masalmen Teach Rebounder
& KettleBell and monitor walking and measure
heart rate with use of Pedomter, Vital signs
North Highlands Nordic Cool Kids Cross-Country Skiing Feb. 20, 2017
City Printers ASTP Pull-up Banner March 29th
Cabot Education Centre Skiing at Ski Cape Smokey Feb. 27, 2017
Cabot Education Centre


ASTP Pull-up Banner

Healthy Snacks for Students 13-Apr-17
After-school Yoga Baddeck Library Patsy MacKenzie 16-May-17



Baddeck Farmers Market Karen Welton 8-Jun-17 Healthy snack making,

planting, yoga, step dance


Sun Gym

Bay St Lawrence Health Society Margrit Gallagher 8-Jun-17 2 people lead access


After-school Yoga

Middle River Rec Assoc Katie MacRae 12-Jun-17

After School Time Period


After the Bell, After-school “Take the Roof off Winter” Skates


Sharon MacLeanWonderful! Thank you” – January 17 , 2017

Victoria Highland Civic Centre


Jan 26th to March 9, 2017

3:15 to 5:15 pm

Proudly Presented By Your Partners in Health:

remax-Remax (Minerva MacInnis)

-NS Thrive

-NS Dept Communities, Culture & Heritage

-Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011)

-Victoria County

-Victoria Highland Civic Centre

$15,000 Funding for Victoria County After School Time Period Programming 2016-17

Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011) is pleased to announce that $15,000 has been approved by NS Dept of Communities, Culture & Heritage & NS Thrive in support of After-school Time Period Programming in Victoria County #GO (Get Outside) in Partnership with the Victoria County, CBVRSB, Baddeck Academy, Rankin School, Cabot School and the Cape Breton Family Place Resource Society. Naturally Active for Life Victoria County and partners have been proud supporters since 2013.

  • Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011) also received $10,000 in funding for the 2015-16 year
  • $26,620 was received in 2014-15
  • $13,270 was received in 2013

Total $64,890 received from the Province in After-school Time Period Funding Since 2013

I look forward to continuing and expanding the great work we are doing through ATB (After the Bell: AS – After School Time Period) in Cape Breton.  Thanks” – Wayne McKay, Cape Breton Regional Physical Activity Consultant (Aug. 9, 2016) – “I look forward to continuing the great work that we are doing through ATB (After-school time period) in Cape Breton” – Wayne McKay, Cape Breton Regional Physical Activity Consultant (Aug. 30, 2016)

2016-2017 After the Bell – After-school Time Period (ASTP) Funding Assistance for Victoria County Schools



After the Bell – After-school Time Period Programming in Victoria County

2015-2016 Final Report:



Thanks (Cape Breton Region) for all your great work on this (After School Time Period Programs). A relatively small amount of funding is having a large impact on our region” – Wayne McKay – Cape Breton Regional Physical Activity Consultant (March 31, 2016)

Victoria County “GO” (Girls Only) After-school Time Period Programs 

FALL / WINTER 2015-16 Highlights:

ASTP – After School Time Period (Fall/Winter/Spring 2015 2016):
– GO (Girls Only) After-school Time Period
ASTP: Victoria County – Host (Administering Cape Breton Region Funds)
Inverness County
Richmond County
ASTP: First Nation Communities
Wagmatcookewey – “E’pite’ji’jk Pasik”
CB Region
ASTP: Cabot School (GO – “Girls Only”)
Faye Chipchase – ASTP Yoga
Fitness 4 Life Program (Gr 9-12)
PIYO – Strength Yoga
Healthy Snacks
Basketball Jerseys & Shorts
ASTP: Baddeck Academy (#FORTheGirls)
Girls After-school Basketball
After-school Yoga
Lindsay MacInnis – Leader
Consultations with students (Planning, input sessions)
Yoga Books – Baddeck Academy & Boularderie Elementary School
Girls Basketballs
ASTP: Other
Boularderie School – Fruitilicious Fridays
Cape Smokey Educators – Yoga Training
Boularderie – ASTP Yoga
Cape Breton Regional Library
Little Penguins & Blast Ball Girls After-school Programs

2015-16 After School Time Period Funding Announced:

Victoria County received $10,000 for after-school time period funding 2015-16 which supported the annual “GO” (Girls Only) Program for girls grades 7, 8 & 9 which has been successful the past two years.

The Cape Breton Region received $39,371.00 for after-school funding this school year (CBRM: $18,571; Victoria County $10,000; Inverness County $8,440 and $2,360 for Richmond County) with additional funding for our  Mi’Kmaw Communities in Cape Breton.

Host Naturally Active Victoria County Received the final $9,400 (20%) of a total of $47,000 from the Government of NS for “After the Bell” (After School Time Period) Grant to assist with 2015-16 initiaitves to support Community Projects in Cape Breton:
-$3,000 Membertou
-$2,000 Victoria County (Baddeck Academy & Cabot School)
-$1,688 Inverness County
-$546 Wagmatcookewey
-$505 Potlotek
-$472 Richmond County
-$360 Waycobah

AftertheBellLogoThriveLogoAftertheBellASTPThriveStrategyLogo - Copy

GO(Girls Only)ThriveSessionPresentationNov92013Gaelic College

GO (Girls Only) Program  North of Smokey
FREE for girls grades 7, 8 and 9. A different activity every week, with a healthy snack. For further information, please contact program leader : Sheila Fricker by e-mail:


• GO: “Get Outside” ProgramWagmatcookewey School  (Since 2013)
Wagmatcook – Grades 7-12. For further information, please contact program leader  Jackie MacLellan

  • #For the Girls Program Baddeck Academy
    Grades 7, 8 & 9

“Great program – it couldn’t have been easy to organize with all the different schedules but they totally enjoyed it – thanks to those who made it happen!” – Valerie Mason, Baddeck Academy Parent:
FortheGirlsProgramSwimBaddeckAcademyFeb2014 FortheGirlsProgramZumbaFebruary2014baddeckAcademyFortheGirlsASTPBaddeckAcademyProgramJune92014FortheGirlsProgram2014
FREE at Baddeck Academy – Girls Grades 7, 8 & 9. Program Leader: TBA

(Update, March 27, 2015) – After the Bell After-school Programs, Victoria County

1. Sites the programs were offered 2014-15:
A.) Baddeck ‪#‎FOR‬ The Girls – Baddeck Academy, Victoria County
B.) Wagmatcook E’pite’ji’jk Pasik – Wagmatcookewey School, Victoria County
C.) GO – Girls only – Cabot School , Victoria County
D.) Boularderie GO (Girls Only) – Boularderie Island, Victoria County
E.) Cape Smokey GO – Ingonish, Victoria County

2. For each site, the focus being used.

A.) Baddeck #FOR The Girls – Girls Yoga. Approx. 40 students; Skating, Swimming and healthy fruit. Leader: Lindsay MacInnis –

Baddeckkids yoga & bd 068FortheGirlsProgramYoga201516

B.) Wagmatcook E’pite’ji’jk Pasik (Girls Only)

WagmatcookGOSnowsheoingMarch2015 WagmatcookGOSnowsheoingBMarch2015

Areas of focus – Yoga (Went well in the fall; more difficult during the winter months due to school closures / winter storms, etc. Spring session going well. 8 – 12 students & 1 – 3 teachers); Multi sport/activities; Outdoor activities as much as possible. Outdoor activities at the school (Lots of space outdoor available at the school – try to take advantage as much as possible); We also have our Wednesday after the bell yoga program that is due to get up and running again next Wednesday; Swimming, Testimonial: GO group went snowshoeing on the trail behind the school today (March 21st) “It was awesome” – and the weather was beautiful. Healthy Eating is a component too with this program.

C.) GO – Girls only – Cabot School 

Areas of focus – Youth Connected (Mentorship), Aerobics, Zumba, Cheerleading, Skiing, Fitness, Yoga, basketball and healthy fruit

D.) Boularderie GO (Girls Only)

Boularderiekids yoga & bd 101

Areas of Focus – Girls Yoga has been ongoing since October. Winter sessions didn’t work out well because of school cancellations due to snow storms. Will be finishing the end of April. (12 – 20 students ), Yoga Leadership and healthy fruit

E.) Cape Smokey GO

Areas of focus – Yoga, dance and gymnastics – 17 students

Proudly Presented By:
-Naturally Active Victoria County
-Victoria County
-NS Thrive
-NS Dept of Communities, Culture & Heritage

-Cape Breton Family Place Society
-Wagmatcook Education
-Cabot School
-Baddeck Academy
-Cape Smokey School
-Boularderie School

Successful Back To Nature – Winter Outdoor Retreat Held March 28-30, 2014
Cabot Shores, North Shore-Victoria County

Back to Nature Girls Retreat 2014
GoProgramLogo1 Grades 7, 8 and 9 girls attending Wagmatcookewey, Cabot and Baddeck schools had an opportunity of a lifetime by participating in the 2014 Winter Outdoor Retreat at Cabot Shores, North Shore on the Cabot Trail.

Girls were introduced to a number of activities learning various skills, participating in a lot of outdoor activities and eating healthy – Back to Nature and Bring Back Winter Play.


“Hi Vince, Just wanted to touch base with you to say thanks! Leanne had a great time, it was very well done. The girls seems to have enjoyed very much. Hats off to a job well done.” Thanks, Darlene – Darlene MacDonald, Parent Baddeck Academy:

Proudly Supported By: Naturally Active Victoria County, Victoria County, Thrive, NS Health & Wellness, CBVRSB, Wagmatcook.

NS Health & Wellness, Active Living Branch Approves $24,993 for Cape Breton Region – After-school Programs Fall / Winter 2014-15

NS Dept Health & Wellness, Active Living Branch has approved $24,993 to the Cape Breton Region for After-school Programming this Fall/Winter Spring 2014-15 under the NS “Thrive” Strategy:

-CBRM                    $9370

-Victoria County      $9,120

-Inverness County   $6,503

In Victoria County, 3 after-school programs benefit girls grades 7, 8 and 9:

-GO (Girls Only) Program at Cabot School

-#For The Girls Program at Baddeck Academy

– E’pite’ji’jk Pasik (Girls Only) Program at Wagmatcookewey

Naturally Active Victoria County wishes to thank their partners for making these programs available:

-Naturally Active Victoria County

-Victoria County

-Cape Breton Family Place Resource Centre

-NS Health & Wellness, Active Living Branch

-NS “Thrive” Strategy


-Baddeck Academy

-Cabot School

-Wagmatcookewey School


GOProgramSummaryHalifaxHeraldAugust202013PDF GoProgramVictoriaStandard


Canadian children and youth have adopted a modern lifestyle that includes spending a great deal of time indoors after school. The low physical activity levels and increasingly sedentary behavior patterns of Canadian youth in the after school period are startling.

Newly released Canadian health measures survey findings from Statistics Canada indicate that kids are sedentary 59% of the time between 3 and 6 pm getting only 14 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity in this 3 hour period. 73% of parents tell us their kids are watching TV, reading or playing video and computer games after school. This number exceeds those who report homework, chores, outdoor play and physical activity/sport in this time period.

Certain groups of children are at even higher risk than others of being physically inactive in the after school period. Girls are less likely than boys to engage in physical activity in the after school period. Children in lower income families participate less in organized sports and physical activity after school. Limited programs for adolescents may leave our teens vulnerable to increased sedentary pursuits or even risky behaviors.

The after-school time period (ASTP) is an important window of opportunity to increase physical activity. Safe and affordable afterschool options provide a healthy alternative to high-risk behaviors and positive behavior change.

In recognition of this reality the government of Nova Scotia through Thrive! a plan for a healthier Nova Scotia, has made a commitment to support a series of initiatives that support increasing physical activity levels, one of which is focused specifically on the ASTP. The intent of this new program is to provide greater access to after-school activities that promote physical activity in rural or remote communities or wherever bussing and transportation present problems. The program is designed to deliver ASTP activities in community based settings, at community facilities and outdoor spaces so that transportation barriers are reduced for families and youth.

The program is targeted to junior high aged youth (youth in grades 7,8,9) during the years of greatest physical activity decline. Using a regional delivery approach, partners and community stakeholders will come together to provide advice, assistance and leadership to the initiative.

  • To increase access and opportunities for junior high aged youth (youth in grades 7,8,9), with a priority on girls, to

be physically active in the after school time period (ASTP) in rural or remote communities or wherever

transportation present problems.

  • To improve the capacity of community organizations to plan and deliver after-school time period programs and

activities that promote physical activity.

  • To increase the number of skilled and knowledgeable after school time period volunteers and leaders.
  • To decrease barriers to participation in after school time period activities and programs.
  • To increase utilization of community based recreation and sport facilities, including outdoor space, the built

environment, playgrounds, etc.

  • To strengthen collaborative community based partnerships through a regional strategic approach.


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