BaM Cape Breton Since 2012



    CAPE BRETON (Since 2012)



Participating Teams from Victoria County:

Cabot School, Neil’s Harbour, Victoria County


Baddeck Academy, Baddeck, Victoria County


Wagmatcookewey School, Wagmatcook, Victoria County


BaM Cape Breton Conference Held – Eskasoni Spring 2016, Successful:

Naturally Active for Life Victoria County is a Proud Member of the BaM Cape Breton Partnership (Since 2012) – Well said: “You know your job is incredible when you get to spend a weekend in Eskasoni with youth from all around the island who are incredibly positive leaders for their communities. Youth can’t be the leaders of the future if they don’t have opportunities to build leadership skills today” – Wayne MacKay, Cape Breton Regional Physical Activity Consultant (April 16, 2016)

Today – “Perfect day! The best BaM Cape Breton day ever!” (Apr. 16, 2016) was a very interesting and exciting day. BaM Cape Breton Conference for youth in Eskasoni. Incredible physical, cultural & spiritual activities – some guided by elders and some by youth. We danced, we played, we crafted, we enjoyed nature, we learned about cultures and traditions. It’s an incredible experience to have youth from all over Cape Breton coming together in this way. We need more of this so that we can build kinship and support among our communities on the island. We now have youth in Eskasoni, Wagmatcook, Waycobah, Potlotek, Arichat, Whitney Pier & Sydney who are more connected and understand each other better. This is what life should be about. Thanks so much to our Eskasoni hosts! Jeannine Faye Denny Newell Johnson Wally Jown Terry Bernard Wallace Matthew” – Wayne MacKay, Cape Breton Regional Physical Activity Consultant (April 16, 2016)

  • Making a drum. Eskasoni Elder Clark is teaching us. This is pretty awesome!
  • The youth from Eskasoni gave us a great tour of Goat Island & Cross Trail
  • Washer Toss
  • Hiking #HikeNS #physicalactivity #brasdorlakes
  • Mr Wells telling the youths Mi’kmaw stories 
  • Membertou Elder Lawrence Wells sings to youth from Mi’kmaw and Acadian schools. The conference was organized by this years Host – Youth of Eskasoni BaM Team. “Lawrence told some incredible, informative and funny stories“.

BaM  Cape Breton Partnership Testimonials from De-briefing in Wagmatcook, Victoria County (May 24, 2016) of Spring 2016 Conference in Eskasoni:

  • Elder Speaker talking of the history of Mi’Kmaw left a lasting impression with me
  • Went exceptionally well; Really enjoyable; Mentors; Wonderful time; Positive feedback; Kids (Host committee) did an amazing job – hospitality & all teams that participated; all activities went well; liked all the cultural activities; Welcome baskets were well received along with Field Goods Wall and take home / keepers

Look for a great B.a.M Camp Fall October 21-23, 2016

HELD April 15 to April 17, 2016 at Allison Bernard Memorial High School, Eskasoni, NS

Fortress of Louisbourg Gathering 

October 21-23, 2016

Looking ahead to the upcoming school year, here is a great opportunity for students in your school (Grades 9-12) to form a School BaM Leadership Team & Participate in BaM Cape Breton Initiatives for 2016-2017 

The Leadership Team consisting of up to 12 students/per school & Adult Champion (s) participates in Leadership gatherings offered by the BaM Cape Breton Partnership which Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011) (Strategy has a renewal year 2016-2017 after its original 5 years and has been updated to meet the current needs of residents) has been an active and participating partner since 2011 

The School Leadership Team than returns to their respective school and oversees physical activity and healthy eating initiatives for the students throughout the school year. Assistance (i.e. Funds) is available from the Victoria County Municipal Physical Activity Strategy &/or ASTP (After-school Time Period) Funding to help support initiatives for students relating to physical activity, healthy eating, mental health, social…to support the leadership team throughput the school year 

Expenses for the Gathering are all looked after by the BaM Cape Breton Partnership with travel to and from the site looked after by each participating school 

A meeting was held with Fortress of Louisbourg (Aug. 3, 2016) to discuss Fall 2016 BaM Cape Breton gathering there for youth Grades 9-12. The fortress is very excited to host BaM Cape Breton and will offer many activities to enhance the overall experience for our youth.  Highlights include the following: 

1.      Weekend of October 21-23 for the Leadership Development Gathering

2.      Centre scolaire Etoile de l’Acadie is the host school and will work with the Fortress staff to develop the overall Program

3.      Recreating 18th century conditions as much as possible – including camping in 18th century style tents which the Fortress will provide

4.      Youth will be volunteering some of their time at the gathering to help with the daytoday activities of the fortress – baking, taking care of animals, etc.

5     Portion of the weekend dedicated to a reenactment of the times where the youth will learn to work together using their native languages and ways to survive off the land

6.     The fortress will be including other initiatives such as ghost tours, stories, drumming, etc.   

If you have any questions, need further information or comments, feel free to connect with me any time after August 22nd. Cabot School, Baddeck Academy and Wagmatcoookewey Schools in Victoria County are &/or have participated in the past and look forward to having a strong contingent of Victoria County Schools including Rankin School of the Narrows participating 2016-2017, including the Fortress Louisbourg Gathering October 21 – 23, 2016 if you are interested in Partnership with Naturally Active for Life Victoria County & BaM Cape Breton Partnership 

Thank You for your time & consideration – Enjoy the rest of your summer. THANK YOU for your continued support & contribution to Naturally Active for Life Victoria County contributing to its success since 2011. THANK YOU.  

  • Schools in Victoria County are supported by the program partnership & by Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011) – Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy.
  • Cabot School, Wagmatcookewey & Baddeck Academy have participated in the past benefitting from the program. This is a spring offering benefitting the participating teams (Leadership development) and school (physical activity & healthy eating, culture & heritage)!

Goal: Target students (Participants) who will benefit from exposure & participation in Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, Culture & Heritage








Bam Cape Breton Schedule – April 15 to 17, 2016 @ Eskasoni:

Friday, April 15, 2016

3:30 pm                             Arrive, Set-up

4:00 pm                              Ice-breakers

4:10 pm                              Honor Song by Maisyn Sock / Welcome by Camryn Sock

4:15 pm                             Lessons & Safety Talk / Rules / Regulations/House Keeping

5:30 pm -6:30pm             Supper – Soup, Bannock and Pita Pizzas

6:30 -8:00 pm                    Indoor Activities – Various

8:00 pm                              Mi’kmaw Crafts: Dreamcatchers and Medicine Pouches (Wilma Simon)

9:00 pm                              Healthy Snack & Mi’kmaw Storytelling

9:45 pm                             Movie and Refreshments

11:00 pm                           Lights Out

Saturday, April 16, 2016

8:00 am -9:00 am            Breakfast Cereal, Fruit, Oatmeal, Pancakes

9:00 am                             Healing Our Nations – Leslie Labobe

10:00 am                           Break / Healthy Snacks

10:30 am                            Outdoor Activities – Goat Island and Hiking to the Cross (RCMP Walter Denny)

12:00 -1:00 pm                  Lunch Chicken Wraps

1:00 pm                              Bam Planning Session

3:45 pm                             Healthy Snack

4:00 pm                              Sweat Lodge Field Trip, Drum Making, Easy Beading

5:30 pm -6:30 pm            Supper – BBQ chicken, Baked Potato, Garden Salad, Dessert

7:00 pm                              Easy Beading, Mi’kmaq Dancing

8:00 pm                              Indoor Activities – Minute to Win It, Yoga, Taekwondo, Jitsu

9:00 pm                              Healthy Snack

9:45 pm                             Tie Dying, Gym Activities, Karaoke

11:00 pm                           Lights Out

Sunday, April 17, 2016

8:00-9:00 am         Breakfast – Boiled Eggs, Sausages, Hash Browns, Toast, Fruit

9:00 am                    Bam Planning

10:00 am                  Break / Healthy Snacks

11:00 am                   Red Dress Project – Mary Ann Junta

11:30 am                   Taking Circle – Feel Goods

12:00 noon -1:00 pm   Lunch Make Your own Sandwich

1:00 pm                    Farewell, Departure

***All Participants were asked to bring a White T Shirt to Tie Dye

The BaM Cape Breton Partnership met Sept. 24, 2015 to discuss the future direction of the program.  Here are a few decisions that were made.  Please note some of the key dates 

1.       We decided that we would align BaM Cape Breton with the Duke of Edinburgh program.  We will design this year with the intention of having everyone complete the Bronze Level.  We will include registration fees into our funding for the program

2.       We decided to schedule the first conference for April 15 – 17, 2016 in Eskasoni (Host) 

3.       Two meetings held with adult champions – one on October 6 in Port Hawkesbury and one on October 9 in Sydney or Membertou.   Oriented adult champions to the program to get the ball rolling 

4.       Paqtnkek has been invited to join us

If you have any questions, please contact me.   Thanks.

Wayne McKay, Cape Breton Regional Physical Activity Consultant

Office: (902) 563-3751 / Cell: (902) 574-3227 /

*Mini-BaM Leadership Development was held April 10 & 11 2015 at Wagmatcookewey School, Victoria County (Victoria County, Wagmatcookewey, Waycobah, Eskasoni) Proudly Supported by Naturally Active for Life Victoria County.


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