GO: Get Outside – Wagmatcookewey School (Since 2013)

Wagmatcook  GO – (Get Outside Program) Since 2013 

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Wagmatcookewey School in Wagmatcook First Nation

Good morning Vince & Terry (Bernard) – Wagmatcook GO Program: “We’ve had a great spring with the girls and we’re planning on hiking to Uisge Ban next week and then going out for supper. Thanks to both of your for your support” – Jackie MacLellan, Program Leader (May 25, 2016)

Wagmatcookewey (GO-Get Outside) Program Update (Nov. 29, 2016):
The GO program is under ay, and it’s going great. We’ve had lots of interest, and we have some new members in the group this year.
We’re continuing to host our “After the Bell” program on Tuesdays, and so far we’ve gone for a hike, had a afternoon of gym activities and did a yoga class.
Just wanted to send along an update. We’ll probably have one more session next week, and then take a break the week before Christmas vacation as there’s a lot going on that week already.
After Christmas we’ll get going again sometime in January.
I’m also going to start an after school Yoga Club, as there’s lots of interest in yoga, from both boys and girls. I’ve already purchased a few mats, however, I’ll probably use some of the GO funds (as discussed with Vince previously) to buy some more if the need is there!
“Thanks for all the continued support” – Jackie MacLellan, Program Leader


Free Grades 7-12 attending Wagmatcookewey.

For further information, please contact the leadership team:



Jackie MacLellan at jackieatschool@gmail.com

WagmatcookGOSnowsheoingAMarch2015 WagmatcookGOSnowsheoingBMarch2015 WagmatcookGOSnowsheoingMarch2015

Some of the GO group went snowshoeing on the trail behind the school today (March 21, 2015) . It was awesome – and the weather was beautiful. Thought I’d send a few pictures along your way” – Jackie MacLellan, Program Leader

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-Wagmatcook and Wagmatcook Education

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