“GO” (Get Outside) – North of Smokey After School Program Since 2013

GO (Get Outside) After School Time Period Program  North of Smokey (Cabot Education Centre)


After School Kettle Bell Program Spring 2017

Patricia Fricker, KettleBell Instructor 10 wk lymphatic drain through exercise
Asst from Dr. S Masalmen Teach Rebounder
& KettleBell and monitor walking and measure
heart rate with use of Pedomter, Vital signs


For further information on the After-school PIYO Program, please contact Instructor: Patricia Fricker: https://www.facebook.com/patricia.fricker.73

HELD – Cool Kids X-country Skiing 2017

Thank You for participating and supporting contributing to its success, it’s greatly appreciated. See you next season! North Highlands Nordic, in Partnership with Naturally Active for Life Victoria County, are sponsoring FREE use of the facilities, trails and rental equipment at North Highlands Nordic every Saturday afternoon until March 25, 2017, 1-4 pm free of charge to all students grades 6-12 who attend Cabot.

For more information, you can contact North Highlands Nordic at 383-2479, or send them a Facebook Message.


GOPizzaPartyRegistration Victoria, Subd. B-20130207-01943 GOPizzaPartyRegistrationVictoria, Subd. A-20130207-01938 GOPizzaPartyRegistrationVictoria, Subd. A-20130207-01939 GOPizzaPartyRegistrationVictoria, Subd. A-20130207-01940 GOPizzaPartyRegistrationVictoria, Subd. A-20130207-01941GOProgramPizzaPartyRegistrationVictoria, Subd. A-20130207-01933 GOProgramPizzaPartyRegistrationVictoria, Subd. A-20130207-01934 GOProgramPizzaPartyRegistrationVictoria, Subd. A-20130207-01935 GOProgramPizzaPartyRegistrationVictoria, Subd. A-20130207-01936 GOProgramPizzaPartyRegistrationVictoria, Subd. A-20130207-01937
FREE for girls grades 7, 8 and 9 attending Cabot School

A different activity every week, with a healthy snack provided.

GOGirlsNorthofSmokey2014 GOGirlsSpring2014


FacebookFindUsLogoGO Program Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/648692768512620

Proudly Presented By Your Partners in Your Health:

-Victoria County

-Naturally Active Victoria County

-Cape Breton Family Place Resource Centre

-NS Thrive

-NS Dept of Communities, Culture and Heritage


-Cabot Education School

GOCabot GOCabotA GOCabotFall2014

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