#Youth Connected – Ingonish

Youth Connected

Contact: Kyla Dunphy-Williams / https://www.facebook.com/kyla.dunphy?fref=nf

Proudly Supported by Naturally Active Victoria County, NS “Thrive and NS Health and Wellness Active Living Branch

I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of the Youth Connected teens who were active in their communities this summer season, volunteered at many, many events like Canada Day, Race the Cape, Huckle Buckle Fall Festival. You should all be very proud! We received many, many wonderful comments that it is so NICE to see the Youth so active and involved in their communities. You guys are the FUTURE of your home towns and the future is what you make it. I have been handing out rewards to each of you who were active in your community this summer. — I still have a few of you left to find:)

The end of October, I will be wrapping up my time with Youth Connected. I have truly enjoyed spending time with each of you and having you guys help out! Hoping that you guys and gals will continue to be active in your communities this coming winter season as I am sure the Little Penguins program and Ski Cape Smokey as well as other groups will still require volunteers.

All the best, and again, Thanks

Kyla Dunphy-Williams

Awesome video promoting ‪#‎caperbase, some former Cabot students in this video! Watch!


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