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CapeBretonConnectBanner2 The Direct Route to information about Active Living on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia – This is the starting point for families to find physical activity, recreation and sport activities in Victoria County, Inverness, Richmond,  Port Hawkesbury, CBRM and Mi’Kmaw Communities throughout Cape Breton Island


Cape Breton Launched June 16, 2017 

Great initiative of the Cape Breton Connect Partnership! – Naturally Active for Life Victoria County Proud to part of benefiting residents and visitors. Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011) A Proud Partner of the Cape Breton Connect Partnership which includes Cape Breton’s 5 Municipalities and Mi’Kmaw Communities, NS Dept Communities Culture & Heritage and Sport NS,ctvgmnewsglobalsuite&section=Atlantic&site=atlantic&shareUrl=

Great to have Victoria County Resident Eliot Frosst , VCAN-Victoria County Action Network Implementation Team Member of the Municipal Physical Activity Strategy (Naturally Active for Life Victoria County) speak at the Cape Breton Launch June 16, 2017. Great job Eliot, Thank you for all you have done the past 6 years benefiting residents + visitors! Also, A Big Thank You to Victoria County Warden Bruce Morrison and Madeline Harvey, National Historic Site and Visitor Experience Manager,  Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site / Parks Canada who were in attendance for the launch at the MacConnell Library in Sydney, Cape Breton!

Cape Breton Connect & NS Connect is a collaborative initiative, supported by several partners who are working to create The Direct Route of comprehensive on-line directory of active living opportunities for residents and visitors. The goal of this initiative is to make it easier and more convenient to find out what is going on in Victoria County, Wagmatcook First Nation and across Cape Breton Island.

Cape Breton Connect allows residents & visitors to have access to information on recreation, sport & physical activity at their fingertips!

  • Partners for Your Health

-Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011)

-Victoria County

-NS Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage


-Town of Port Hawkesbury

-Municipalities of the County of Victoria Inverness and Richmond County

-Mi’Kmaw Communities in Cape Breton

Sport NS


Cape Breton Connect officially launched June 16, 2017. For further information (Victoria Residents and Visitors Only), please contact: Vince Forrestall , Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator, E-mail: / Tel: 902.295.3661 / Fax: 902.295.1864

Cape Breton Connect Factsheet:



  1. Cape Breton Connect is an online database that contains all recreation and sport opportunities in Cape Breton. It is the direct route to information about trails, summer programs, sports, arts and culture and events.
  2.  Cape Breton Connect is managed by a management team that includes representatives from Port Hawkesbury, Richmond County, Potlotek First Nation, Eskasoni First Nation, Membertou First Nation, CBRM, Victoria County, Wagmatcook First Nation, Waycobah First Nation, Inverness County, Sport Nova Scotia and the NS Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage.
  3.  Cape Breton Connect is a part of the Nova Scotia Connect system. Nova Scotia Connect includes databases for 5 regions in the province – Cape Breton, Highland, Fundy, Annapolis Valley and South Shore.
  4.  There are approximately 1000 records presently in the Cape Breton Connect database. Approximately 130 of these records are Mi’kmaw community records.
  5.  Any member of the public can suggest changes to records or suggest new records directly through the system. In this way, we can ensure that the records are as up to date as possible.
  6.  Cape Breton Connect officially launched in June of 2017, after being in development for 2 years. Highland Connect was the first Connect system in the province. It began in 2012.
  7.  Cape Breton Connect has buttons on the main page that take the user directly to all trails, summer programs, community sports, arts and culture and funding opportunities. There is also a button for accessible opportunities in the region.
  8.  The user can choose to search by keyword or browse by category on Cape Breton Connect. The user can specify the geographic area they wish to search.
  9.  There is a map at the bottom of the Cape Breton Connect webpage that links to the other Connect databases in the province. There is also an option to search all of Nova Scotia through the Nova Scotia Connect system.

Naturally Active for Life Victoria County in Partnership with the Cape Breton Active for Life Connect Partnership Welcomed Intern Laurena Fraser (Jan – Mach 2017)

Laurena Fraser: Cape Breton Connect Intern,  Cape Breton Connect: /

(Jan 9 – March 31, 2017) Laurena updated records of Victoria County on the Initiative (Searchable hub of physical activity, sports, leisure, social, etc.) before launching June 16, 2017!

3 others were hired as well in Cape Breton including a Coordinator. Laurena worked out of the Northern Victoria Community Centre in Cape North. Thank You Laurena for Your efforts, it was greatly appreciated.

Increase accessibility to active living opportunities for Nova Scotians by increasing awareness and use of regional active living online databases – connect project brief (Fall 2014)

Cape Breton – The Direct Route

The Active Cape Breton Communities (ACBC) Partnership is a public, internet-based, searchable directory available to all residents and visitors of the Cape Breton Region (Island) whereby up-to-date information can be accessed on active living opportunities relating to physical activity, sport and recreation programs, resources, facilities and services in communities.

The active living directory is known as the Cape Breton Connect and serves to increase participation in active living through increased awareness of opportunities. (Examples of Connect directories in other regions of Nova Scotia can be found at  and )


NS Connect


“Connect with hundreds of physical activity, sport and recreation opportunities in your community.”

map-of-regionsAbout is made up of several regional initiatives that make use of online databases. online databases and websites are a gateway for information about active living and recreation in regions within Nova Scotia. They are the go-to sites for individuals, groups and families to better navigate sport, recreation and physical activity opportunities in their specific regions.

Go to now to search for opportunities in your region. Goal

To increase accessibility to information on active living and recreation opportunities for Nova Scotians by increasing awareness and use of regional active living and recreation online databases and websites. Management is a project of Recreation Nova Scotia (RNS). The Connect Management Team, an operational sub-committee of RNS, sets direction for and exists to build, expand, promote and maintain The Management Team is made up of representatives of RNS and five partner regions within the province including:

• Highland Region
• Fundy Region
• South Shore Region
• Cape Breton Region
• Valley Region

Note: The Central Region (Halifax region) is not yet a partner.

For more information about, contact:

Heather Hanlon, Shared Strategy Coordinator


NS Connect –

Managing Director: Janet Barlow

  • There is Management Team Across the Province


Courtesy of Council was extended to Iris Kedmi, Marketing Developer & Coordinator, Cape Breton Connect; Ellen Polegato, Regional Physical Activity Coordinator, Nova Scotia Health and Wellness; and Vince Forrestall, Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator.

Mr. Forrestall thanked Council for the opportunity to present on the Cape Breton Connect Partnership Initiative.

Ellen Polegato indicated that the Cape Breton Connect Initiative is a partnership initiative between CBRM, the Town of Port Hawkesbury, the Municipalities of Inverness, Richmond and Victoria, Sport Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness.

Their mission is “To educate, inspire and empower residents and visitors on Cape Breton Island to be “Active for Life”. The website & user friendly database will provide a one stop shop that offers up to date information and opportunities related to recreation, sport and physical activity.”

Ms. Polegato indicated that the ultimate purpose of Cape Breton Connect is to help increase participation in sport, recreation and physical activities through an awareness of active living opportunities. There will be an internet-based, searchable directory whereby the public can access up-to-date information on active living. Connect is recreation, sports, outdoor recreation, active transportation, professional development/leadership opportunities and funding opportunities.

Iris Kedmi advised that she and Devon Pierre are the two JCP Program employees for Cape Breton Connect. Devon Pierre does Data Entry and is responsible to collect and enter data from the partners, collect missing data, train municipal staff and support partners after staff training. Iris Kedmi is the Marketing Developer & Coordinator and she is responsible to build the website, develop and implement the strategic marketing plan, coordinate the CB Connect launch and administrative tasks.

The launch date for the website was questioned on Ellen Polegato indicated the target date is December 2015/January 2016. The maintenance of the database and the responsibility for this maintenance was discussed.

After further discussion, Warden Morrison extended a thank you for the presentation and information provided and requested that updates be provided to Council in future.

Naturally Active for Life Victoria County is a proud Partner of Cape Breton Connect and Partners in Your Health:

-NS Dept of Health & Wellness Active Living Branch

-Sport NS

-Victoria County

-Naturally Active for Life Victoria County


-Inverness County

-Richmond County

-Port Hawkesbury

-Employment NS (NS Labour & Advanced Education)

-Mi’Kmaw First Nation Communities


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