Cape Breton Guided Walks


Guide Minga O’Brien’s youth was spent in and on the Bras d’Or Lakes, and exploring the woods of Cape Breton.  She has  also kayaked many stretches of Nova Scotia’s coastline on long extended trips, and canoed in numerous lakes and rivers across Canada. She enjoys walking every day – on roads, trails and especially in the woods, and have also enjoyed many multi-day walks.  As a field biologist, her background is wildlife and botany.

As a guide and educator, she has been bringing people into natural areas for years.

With the Ontario Youth Conservation Corps, she designed a trail system and lead a six-person crew to construct the trails on the 650-acre property belonging to Camp Pinecrest, Ontario. We also developed interpretative information for campers and councilors.

she has worked as an nature interpreter at Kejimkujik National Park, leading daily walking and paddle tours, as well as an interactive and educational evening program.

As a college instructor, she has taught students how to navigate in the woods with compass and GPS, read and understand maps, identify plants and animals, and how to take and record measurements.

As a forest technician, she has worked with many woodlot owners to improve their understanding and appreciation of their woodlots, and to help guide their decisions.

In recent months, She has volunteered with Victoria County Winter Active Fest (Naturally Active Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy Est. 2011) and with the Biosphere Northeast Trails Association to lead people to waterfalls and other splendid locations here in Cape Breton, far from any trails or roads.

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