The Cabot Trail is one of the world’s greatest rides; one that all cyclists should have on their “must-ride” list! The beautiful coastline meets the breathtaking highlands in ways that make you appreciate both to the fullest, while savouring the magnificence of the paved trail at the speed of your bicycle.

Named for famed navigator and explorer John Cabot, the world famous Cabot Trail is a 300 kilometre paved roadway that hugs the mountainous northern shore coastline of the Island. For most cyclists, the loop ride around the Trail begins and ends in Baddeck.

The Cape Breton Highlands National Park straddles the upper reaches of the Island, roughly 85 km north of Baddeck via the small communities of Chéticamp (on the west coast) or Ingonish (on the east coast). The road around the Trail is, for the most part, well-maintained.

Today it is your turn to get this opportunity to join and get the Cabot Trail off your “Bucket List”:


Is the Cabot Trail on Your Bucket List?

Enjoy 300 km of paved roads, from softly rolling terrain to steep climbs winding its way through the quiet Margaree Valley on the first day, then following along the shores of the Gulf of St.Lawrence, the scenic Highlands National Park to end along the scenic Atlantic coast of Cape Breton Island.  Cabot Trail in 4 Days is a fully supported tour where everyone cycles at their own pace and style.  No pressure. 

Cabot Trail in 4 Days 2018 Tour Dates:

Saturday August 11th to Tuesday August 14th and it begins and ends at the Gaelic College on the Cabot Trail in St. Ann’s Bay.

We offer luggage transfers, two support vehicles loaded with snacks and refreshments, three nights accommodations, three suppers and breakfasts and showers at the end of the tour. Our two cycling guides live locally and have lead tours of the trail for a decade.  Tour cost is $665.00 per person double accommodation.  And if you are travelling alone we will match you up with a roommate.

The Cabot Trail is a must do for any cyclist.  And our tour is designed to give you time to really enjoy the scenery, stop at one the white sand beaches, hike in the Highlands National Park, visit artists and artisans along the way.  Each day involves 70 to 85 Kms of cycling and our two support vehicles means both speedy and relaxed riders are serviced.  Everyone gets to ride at their own pace. This tour fills up quickly so register early to secure your spot.  Once 40 riders have registered we will establish a waiting list.

Check it out here The following texts are from the description on the web site.

THE CABOT TRAIL: Named one of the TOP 10 Cycling destinations in the World by Lonely Planet in 2010, and since toured by thousands of cyclists from all around the world, the Cabot Trail is a “MUST” on the bucket list of every cyclist. Three hundred kilometers of paved roads, from softly rolling terrain to steep climbs, you will wind your way through the quiet Margaree Valley on the first day, then ride along the shores of the Gulf of St.Lawrence the second day, the scenic Highlands National Park the third, and end along the scenic Atlantic coast of Cape Breton Island. Cabot Trail in 4 Days is a fully supported tour where everyone cycles at their own pace and style. No pressure with lots of time and opportunities to explore.

DETAILS: We provide: 3 nights hotel/motel accommodation, luggage transportation, two support vehicle at your service should you need a lift or other assistance, breakfast Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, dinner Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Park fees, and snack food (fresh fruit and baked goods) enroute. Children 16 – 18 years, must be accompanied by a cycling adult. We have two van drivers and two cycling guides. All four individuals are very familiar with the area and the route. We aim to give you a unique cycling experience with a full immersion in our culture and our spectacular landscapes.

ITINERARY: Clockwise direction leaving the Gaelic College in St. Ann’s Bay on Saturday August 11th to Tuesday August 14th. Day 1- To Margaree Harbour, 85km. Day 2- to Pleasant Bay, 70km. Day 3- to Ingonish, 71km Day 4- to Gaelic College, 71km.

*** There will be optional side tours suggested to shorten or lengthen the day’s ride.***
Cabot Trail in 4 Days – Editorial:

A few years ago, the stars aligned in the appropriate celestial pattern which meant that I was able to finally sign up for the Cabot Trail in 4 Days Bicycle Tour, organized by Jacques Cote and Micheline Guillot under the umbrella of Velo Cape Breton.  Of course by “stars” what I mean is all my work commitments, family responsibilities, household projects and countless other social interactions.  By aligned what I mean is that I was able to postpone, cancel, hand-off or otherwise shirk my responsibilities for a full 4 days of cycling around the Cabot Trail.  This does not happen that often, the same I am sure for many of you as well.

This tour had been on my bucket list for a few years prior to my actually signing up, so I was very excited to finally have the opportunity to join in the adventure.  The Cabot Trail is well publicized around the globe as one of the top 10 cycling destinations, and having the start of the tour less than 1 hour away from home, made it the logical choice for my first multi-day cycling tour.

It was an awesome tour, I met some great cyclists from as near as the other side of the island, and from as far away as a group from the UK.  On the first day we hit some rain, which I will use as  the reason why four of us missed the turnoff and ended up cycling an extra 20-30km.  Fortunately, there were no mountains to climb that day, so the extra kilometers were not as significant as they otherwise could have been.  We managed to swim in the ocean after each of the first 3 days ride, which felt really good on the legs.  On the second last day, riding into Ingonish, my rear tire started to bounce around.  Thinking that I had a flat, I stopped to change it, only to realize that I didn’t have a flat but my tire actually had a broken belt.  This was a new experience for me, and something that I’m glad did not happen while descending one of the Mountains!  I hobbled into Ingonish, and one of my fellow riders loaned me a spare tire so I was able to continue my ride the next day. All in all a very memorable 4 days and I encourage all of you to consider tour for 2018.

Velo Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail in 4 Days – 2018

 Yes, as you can see from the above poster,the signature event for Velo Cape Breton for 2018, the Cabot Trail in 4 Days Bicycle Tour is now open for registration.  Don’t delay, already 1/4 of the spots have been reserved.  For more information, and to reserve your spot, please go to and select the “Rides and Events”, or just click on this link:  CT4D Registration

Registration has opened for the Cabot Trail in 4 Days 2018 cycling tour. Check out the details at

The Cabot Trail in 4 days is a winning formula as it gives everyone the whole day to “tour” the Cabot Trail the way it should be, i.e. immersing in the culture, mingle with cyclists from all over, take pictures, getting to the top of the hills at your pace and not worry about support, food, accommodation, etc.

The Cabot Trail is the Cabot Trail.  This year the climbs have the same gradient and height,the same thrilling descents, widened roads in several key areas and more.  No wonder that the Cabot Trail has been named one of the Top 10 Cycling Destination in the world.   If Mother Nature still loves us cyclists like in the past editions, we shall get sunshine, tailwinds and a really good time.

This is your chance to join the group who will go around the Trail this year.  Registeer now if this is your plan to ride the Trail with Velo Cape Breton because you have nothing to loose if you change your mind!

For more information e-mail:



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