Cabot Trail

Canadian Destination: Cycling Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail

Named for famed navigator and explorer John Cabot, the world famous Cabot Trail is a 300 kilometre paved roadway that hugs the mountainous northern shore coastline of the Island. For most cyclists, the loop ride around the Trail begins and ends in Baddeck.

The Cape Breton Highlands National Park straddles the upper reaches of the Island, roughly 85 km north of Baddeck via the small communities of Chéticamp (on the west coast) or Ingonish (on the east coast). The road around the Trail is, for the most part, well-maintained.

Only a couple of weeks in the New Year (2015) and right in the middle of winter don’t we are all looking forward to next summer?

Last Saturday at the Velo Cape Breton Winter Potluck, we opened up the registrations for the 2015 edition of the Cabot Trail in 4 Days tour.. The invitation has been sent to past participants last Sunday, and registration started to come fast and furious.   Today it is your turn to get this opportunity to join and get the Cabot Trail off your “Bucket List”.

The Cabot Trail in 4 days is a winning formula as it gives everyone the whole day to “tour” the Cabot Trail the way it should be, i.e. immersing in the culture, mingle with cyclists from all over, take pictures, getting to the top of the hills at your pace and not worry about support, food, accommodation, etc.

The Cabot Trail is the Cabot Trail.  This year the climbs have the same gradient and height,the same thrilling descents, widened roads in several key areas and more.  No wonder that the Cabot Trail has been named one of the Top 10 Cycling Destination in the world.   If Mother Nature still loves us cyclists like in the past editions, we shall get sunshine, tailwinds and a really good time.

This is your chance to join the group of 42 who will go around the Trail this year.  Registeer now if this is your plan to ride the Trail with VCB because you have nothing to loose if you change your mind before June 1st.  Not many seats left.

CT4D Full Details here.  http://www.velocapebreton.ca/?q=node/234

Registration.  http://www.velocapebreton.ca/?q=node/76

For more information email:   info@velocapebreton.ca

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