Heartland Tour 2018


Join us in a community near you for Heartland Tour 2018

Rides, walks, and activities for all.

Registration/participation is FREE and you get a free t-shirt.

Register today!


The HeartLand Tour is coming!


Registration is open!


With the Tour starting on July 7th we encourage you to register as soon as possible!  Online registration will be open up until noon the day before the event. We encourage you to register online as it saves time on the day of the event! Please visit www.heartlandtour.ca and register today!



For 2018 we have introduced a new website that will make your registration experience quick and easy we invite you to try it out!  Thanks to the generous support of all of our sponsors and the efforts of our community volunteers, we can offer a fun day of physical activity, a light lunch, an exclusive Heartland T-shirt, and prize draws all at no charge to you.  This year we offer more activity options – get all the information you need on the website and then register:  www.heartlandtour.ca




The 2018 Tour jersey has a vintage flavour with bold colours and clean lines.  They will be available for sale ($65) in limited quantities.  As usual, the jersey acknowledges our major sponsors.  All sponsors are recognized on our website and van -without them the Heartland Tour would not be possible.



Our message – the prescription for good health – hasn’t changed.

A minimum of 150 minutes a week of moderate to vigorous physical activity:



For more information about the HeartLand Tour please visit our website (www.heartlandtour.ca) . Looking forward to seeing everyone out in July 2018, remember to get involved!




Mailing address:

HeartLand Tour

1796 Summer Street, Room 2132

Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 3A7

This year the Heartland Tour event will be outside Membertou Sport and Wellness Center on  Monday July 9, 2018

This event is the only one of it’s kind. We recognize the need to accommodate a variety of physical abilities whether it be cycling, dancing, running or walking. We understand that cycling long distances on road bikes is not for everyone, so we have designed an activity for everyone!

Registration: (3)

Free Registration Booths will be set up at 8:15am-11:00am outside to entrance of Membertou  Sport Center.

Registration will be two separate booths manned by volunteers.(4)

Table #1 will be for the paper work.

#2 will be t-shirt pick up

Heartland Tour encourages on-line registration free….www.Heartlandtour.ca (starting in mid-May)

If not registered online by 2 pm on July 8th, participants can register that morning.

Warm-Up (2)

8:50- 9:00 YMCA warm-up for those road cyclists heading out to the 64 km and 42 km route.

Road Bike Tours (5)


HeartlandTour64kmsLongRideMarionandAlbert Bridge2018

9:15 Start of road tour lead by CBRM Police (5)

Introduction to biking demonstration (2)

9:30-10:00 will be demonstrations on safe bike riding for adults of all ages.

Dance (2)

10:00-10:15 a Zumba Dance aerobic work-out courtesy of the YMCA (2)

Our Youth

10:15 – 11:00 arrival of children from other communities….registration and t-shirts for children and youth

Gentle Cycling – New to Cycling (5)

11:00 – 11:15 Warm-up by YMCA for cyclers (all Ages)

11:15 – Start of the touring and trail bikes  6 km route on Greenlink (Recommend this for those new to cycling) (3)

11:15 – 5 km bike ride around Membertou arranged by Shaylene Paul for ages 5-12 (3)

Walkers Welcome! (5)

11:20 – 1 km walk (first loop of Greenlink trail) for participants for the hip/knee clinic and heart and lung Wellness Center (2 RN’s)

11:20- 3 km walk (first and second loops) for participants lead by Claire Mac Lean. (2)

11:20 – 5 km walk (the complete Greenlink Trail) for participants lead by Bob Coyle and Laurie Doucette (2)

Refreshments (5)

11:30 -12:00 Refreshment tables  (those volunteering for registration can assist) Cathy Mac Aulay-Spencer (5)

Celebrations (5)  

12:00-1:00….Presentations, celebrations, and prizes.

Guest speaker- introduced by  Dr. Nick Giacamontonio   Krista Devoe

Multi Cultural Presentations by Qilan Li, Yolande Le Vert, Chief Terry Paul ( flags of diversity )

Gifts to unsung heroes…

1. Heart Re-habilitation

2. Community hero (yet to be announced)

Presentation of Prizes by Andre Gallant YMCA

Chris Milburn (Heartland Tour)

Nick Giacamontonio

Closing by Anita O’Rourke YMCA

Elaine Swartz   (902) 567-2256 edithswartz@ns.sympatico.ca

Donnie Swartz (902) 577-2428 dons@bellaliant.net

Yolande Le Vert (902) 577-6240 yolvcycle@hotmail.com