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The Play Book
A Guide to Sport & Recreation Opportunities for People with Disabilities
The Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability (ALACD)

Naturally Active has partnered with its Cape Breton Counterparts on an upcoming Adaptive Loan Program – further details coming soon as funding is finalized.


Nova Scotia’s Government to help make Nova Scotia a more accessible and inclusive place to live and work.

The Minister’s Advisory Panel on Accessibility Legislation brings together a diverse group of people with experience and expertise that will report to the Minister of Community Services Joanne Bernard on February 13, 2015 with recommendations about accessibility legislation for Nova Scotians that ensures all Nova Scotians will have equal opportunity to reach their potential.

The Minister’s Advisory Panel will examine issues related to access to information, communications. labour market and employment opportunities, removing structural barriers in the built environment, attitudes and public awareness, transportation, client services, and housing.

A report to the Minister of Community Services will be delivered in February, 2015, which will include recommendations based on what was heard during public consultations.

The province will use the report to develop accessibility legislation that will be introduced in Spring, 2016.


One of the principles within this paper states:

  • Access for all to information and communication across all ages and across all areas of community living. This includes, but is not limited to, education, health, recreation, workplace, leisure, justice, transportation, and the built environment.

To give feedback on the discussion paper, please follow this link:




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