3 Peaks Challenge

July 16, 2017
CB Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge
Thank-You to All The Teams

TO: All Captains of Teams RE: Please send this newsletter to your Team Members On behalf of the 3 Peaks organizers and volunteers, I would like to say a big thank-you to all the teams for their support in this year’s 3 Peaks Challenge event. The weather cooperated nicely and the road was open (saving 4 km) to Aspy trail and the event got off on a great start.  This year’s event involved three new hikes – Aspy, Tenerife and Coastal and 24 km plus of hiking. All three provide interesting challenges and unique views. We would each team to send us four photos of this event that we can post on our website as a slideshow. One should include team photo, and one on each trail. Please send photos to hikethehighlands@gmail.com To help us evaluate this year’s event, we ask that you take 10 minutes of your valuable time, to complete an online survey (click here). Your input and comments are greatly welcomed and appreciated. Could you please completed the online survey by Sunday, July 23, 2017. The date for next year’s event is Saturday, July 14, 2018. Registration will be open for next year’s event on February 1, 2018.



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