Hike the Highlands Festival



15th Annual Event in September 2018!

A Fall Hiking Festival in the Spectacular Cape Breton Highlands

Hike the Highlands Festival
September 2018
Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

September 14-23

Join us for the 15th annual Hike the Highlands Festival, featuring guided hikes within and near the park, evening activities and presentations, the hiker distance award and a photo contest. Fee applicable. Registration: hikethehighlandsfestival.com


 A ten day hiking festival on the Cabot Trail and Northern Cape Breton that features guided hikes, evening activities & presentations, the hiker distance award, opening & closing ceremonies and a photo contest.


 Hike the Highlands – February 2018

         2018 Hike the Highlands               Snowshoe Series

Hike the Highlands will be hosting three guided snowshoes hikes in 2018 in partnership with Hike Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  They include : 1) Paquette Lake (Mica Hill), Saturday, Jan. 27th at 10:00 am. Meet at lower parking lot by the highway. Below is a group photo of snowshoers at Paquette Lake.

Photo credit – Stanley Symes



2) Warren Lake, Saturday, Feb. 24 at 10:00 am. Meet at entrance of Warren Lake Road. 3) White Point, Saturday, March 17 at 10:00 am. Meet down by the wharf.

There is no registration fee for the snowshoes hikes. You must bring your own gear including poles. Please bring snacks and water. Watch for the Hike the Highlands Signs. Most hikes are around 2hrs. long.



3 Peaks Challenge


A team from PEI ( 2nd Annual 2010)


The 9th Annual Cape Breton Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge on Saturday, July 21, 2018 is now sold out. Thanks to all the teams for their great support. This year’s event involves Blueberry Mountain, Roberts Mountain and Acadien Mountain.





A big hit with hikers is the Explore Magazine Gear Box. Available every 90 days. You can subscribe for it here.


Important Notes

1) Interesting quote on my niece’s facebook page – “Avoid getting preoccupied thinking about what you are going to do, to actually doing it” by Rachel Wolchin.


2) Walking Festivals in Britain during May 2018A comprehensive guide of walking festivals in Britain.


3) Britain has two great walking magazines – Country Walking and Trail Magazine. For more information click here.


4) Two of Scotland’s most northern islands, Orkney Islands and Shetland Islands have some great hiking trails. There is a guide book available to help plan your hikes – “Walking on the Orkney and Shetland Isles – 80 walks in the northern isles. 


5) Dates have been set for PEI Small Halls Festival – June 10-23, 2018. Beat the crowds and enjoy hiking and cycling on island trails during the day and concerts in the evening.


6) Hike Nova Scotia will be hosting its Annual Hiking Summit on May 11-13, 2018 at Keltic Lodge, Ingonish. Hike the Highlands is a partner. Register and book your room soon. Over 110 registered for the summit already.





The March issue of Backpacker is out now. Highlights in this issue – Gear pics from the Pros, 35 Hikes to Stake your Claim, Why Parks Matter, 12 hikes to hike before they’re gone, Prepare for Tough Terrain and more.




8) The March issue of the Hike the Highlands Festival will feature some news on the 2018 Hiking schedule, merchandise, evening presentations, photography workshop and much more.

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Festival Updates & News – (February 17, 2017 )

1) On behalf of the Hike the Highlands Festival board of directors, I am please to announce the 2017 hiking schedule as well the evening activities program.  Online registration is now open.

2017 Hiking Schedule

Trail Descriptions & links will be added in the near future.

Date Time Trail Distance Difficulty
Friday, Sept. 8 5:30 pm. Broad Cove Mtn.  2.3 km 3C
Saturday, Sept. 9 6:00 am. Coastal to Neil’s Hbr. Beach 2 km 2C
10:00 am. Branch Pond 8.4 km
  2:00 pm. Jack Pine 2.3 km  2C
 Sunday, Sept. 10 9:00 am Lowland Cove 16 km
10:00 am. Meat Cove Look-off 4.5 km
2:00 pm. Meat Cove Mountain 6.5 km 4C
 Monday, Sept. 11 9:00 am. Tenerife 4 km 4D
10:00 am. NHN 4 km 3C
1:00 pm. Money Point Gulch 10 km 1B
Tuesday, Sept. 12 9:00 am. Aspy 9 km 4C
 2:00 pm Skyline 7.4 km 3C
Wednesday, Sept. 13 9:00 am. Squirrel Mtn. 7.4 km 3C
10:00 am.
2:00 pm.
Benjies Lake
1.5 km
Thursday, Sept. 14 10:00 am. Roberts Mountain 4 km 5C
2:00 pm. Cabot Landing 4 km 1B
6:30 pm. Sunset Hike White Point 4 km 2B
Friday, Sept. 15 9:00 am. North River Big Falls 18 km 4D
10:00 am.
2:00 pm.
Warren Lake
7.4 km
4.7 km
Saturday, Sept. 16 9:00am. Slatey Point 16 km 3C
10:00 am Coastal – Jigging Cove 6.5 km 2B
2:00 pm. Freshwater Lake & Look-off  2.3 km 2C
Sunday, Sept. 17 10:00 am. Middle head 4 km 2C

2) Our festival blog features two recent articles  –Three Capes Track in Tasmania, Australia   and b) Finding the Right Mix – Hiking cameras,  looks at Nikon Coolpix A900 camera and the Canon Powershot SX 720 HS camera.

3) The 8th Annual Cape Breton Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge takes place Saturday, July 15, 2017.  Aspy, Tenerife and Coastal are the three trails in 2017.  Registration is now closed as the event is sold out. Thanks for your great support. Earliest it was sold out and less than a week.

4) Subscribe to our regular monthly newsletter and keep up with all the news. Our next newsletter will be coming out March 2017.  Please note when you subscribe to our newsletter, you will get another e-mail a bit later asking you to confirm. The festival is following Canada’s Anti-Spam guidelines & regulations approved in 2014.

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