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” IMAGINE A WORLD…in which all children grow up with a deep understanding of the world around them. Where obesity is reduced through nature play. Where anti-depressants and pharmaceuticals are prescribed less and nature prescribed more. Where children experience the joy of being in nature before they learn of its loss. Where they can lie in the grass on a hillside for hours and watch clouds become the faces of the future. Where every child and every adult has the human right to a connection with the natural world, and shares the responsibility to care for it.” – Richard Louv (‘Last Child in the Woods’ & ‘The Nature Principle’)


Canada’s fabulous winter wonderland brings snow enthusiasts out in droves each year. Before you seek out your thrills, be sure that you are well prepared and that you have all the right gear to make every winter outing safe and enjoyable.


Check out: http://www.cbc.ca/listen/shows/information-morning-ns/episode/10897764

Kids Need More Vitamin N


National Geographic contained a great article about the Impacts of Being in Nature on Human Healthhttp://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2016/01/call-to-wild-text



OutdoorNetworkLogo Outside

Get the Inside on the Outside – NS Outdoor Network Launched June 14, 2016 in Truro & Naturally Active for Life Victoria County Participated!

ONLaunch-NewsRelease-June2016 (3)

Imagine…an outdoor community more meaningfully connected to each other and resources.

The NS Outdoor Network will build and strengthen the self-propelled outdoor recreation community in Nova Scotia by connecting people, information, resources, events, organizations, outdoor spaces, and activities.  The Outdoor Network will achieve this objective by facilitating communication, sharing, collaboration and celebration via a web-based hub.

  • Website:      www.nsoutdoornetwork.ca
  • Facebook:   facebook.com/nsoutdoornetwork
  • Twitter:        twitter.com/nsoutdoornet
  • Instagram:  instagram.com/nsoutdoornet

Please contact Janet Barlow jbarlow@recreationns.ns.ca with any questions you may have

Nova Scotia is leading the way in outdoor play, kudos to you folks” – (Tim Gill is one of the UK’s leading writers and thinkers on childhood. His work focuses on children’s play and free time) – (May 19, 2015)

no-fear-19-12-07 (FREE copy of Tim’s book, No Fear: Growing up in a risk averse society) 

Connecting Canadians to Nature



Outdoor Adventure in Victoria County

Victoria County is Cape Breton Island’s Outdoor Centre for Adventure.  It excells in all 4 seasons. It is home to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park and eight provincial day parks

  • Hiking – Some of the best coastal hiking trails in Nova Scotia are located here and in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.   Hikers across North America and Europe visit this area for hiking and attend annually the Hike the Highlands Festival in September.
  • Cycling –  One of Canada’s top adventures is to cycle the Cabot Trail – 300 kms over 6 mountains. A guide has been developed to help you plan and enjoy this unique adventure. There are many more scenic cycling routes for you to enjoy while visiting Victoria County
  • Sea Kayaking – Four outdoor companies provide some amazing scenery and coves to explore on Bras d’or  Lakes,  St. Ann’s Bay, South Harbour and  the Atlantic Ocean with Cape Breton Highlands in the background.
    North River Kayaks
    Eagle North  –
    Seaspray Outdoor Adventures – Kayaking, hiking and cycling
    Paddledog Sea Kayaking Tours
  • Sailing and Boat Tours  – Explore the Bras d’Or Lakes and  Bird Islands
    Ameoba Sailboat Tours – Baddeck
    Donelda’s Puffin Boat Tours – Englishtown
    Bird Island Boat Tours – Big Bras d’Or
    Cape Breton Lobster Adventure Tours – Baddeck
  • Winter
    a) Cross country skiing –
    1) North Highlands Nordic, Cape North,  12 km trails – groomed and track set for classic and skating, rentals, snowshoeing,
    2) Ski Tuonela – Goose Cove,  Cross Country (18 kms) and Telemark

b) Downhill Skiing – Ski Cape Smokey

c) Skating – Public skating at Victoria Highland Civic Centre, Baddeck.  Public skating at Neil’s Harbour/New Haven outdoor rink.

d) Snowshoeing –
1) Lots of trails to explore at Cape Breton Highlands National Park.
2) Snowshoeing events hosted by Naturally Active for Life Victoria County & Hike the Highlands Festival Society in Partnership with Hike NS.

e)  Snowmobiling – An incredible trail system in the Highlands, dependable snow conditions, makes this County a paradise for Snowmobilers
Crowdis Mountain Snowmobile Club


A Step in the Right Direction

Eliot Frosst, VCAN (Victoria County Action Network – Strategy Implementation Team) Resolution & unanimously accepted by all 27 in attendance via Sydney Victoria – passed at the NS Liberal Party AGM

WHEREAS Cape Breton has several Provincial Parks that are closed from October 15 through the winter months, and

WHEREAS there are many Provincial Parks that can be used safely for winter participation, and

WHEREAS there is both a federal and provincial move to get more people involved in outdoor sports, and

WHEREAS many people are perceived as to be physically unfit and do not participate in non-expensive winter sports, and

WHEREAS there are many organizations such as the Victoria County Action Network that work with Provincial Government funding to promote physical activity and nutrition;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Provincial Parks will have their signage remain during the duration of the year, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT there will be increased certain services such as outhouses and fire pits throughout the winter months, and

BE IT ALSO FURTHER RESOLVED THAT other additional provincial services for park development that improve physical fitness be increased right across the province.

An Arctic to Antarctic Adventure


RatherOddJourneyA(Jan. 8, 2015 Photo)

Held at the Baddeck Library til March 12, 2015: Kelvin Eisses and friends went on a pole-to-pole journey through the Americas in a film series that explores travel concepts you probably won’t learn about from a travel agency. The focus is on community-based travel and eco-travel, including couch surfing, woofing, volunteering and hitchhiking – along the unexpected adventures that arise along the way! http://www.lanouvelle.net/Living/2010-08-20/article-1688634/From-the-Antarctic-to-the-Arctic/1

Learn how to prepare for hiking here: http://www.adventuresmart.ca/land/hiking.htm.

Enjoy Kalapa Valley

Anybody who enjoys snowshoeing and cross country is welcome to explore Kalapa Valley, Ingonish and enjoy the beauty and flatness of it trails. The trails will be maintained regularly during the winter. Anyone using the trails does so at their own risk and should carry appropriate first aid and safety equipment. Please remove any garbage you take in, treat the valley and its animals with respect and have some great winter fun. When parking please do not block the gate. Look forward to seeing you on the trails.


Ultimate Hiking Gear & Skills Clinic
A backpacking trip consists of two distinct activities: hiking and camping. In this informative clinic, renowned long-distance backpacker Andrew Skurka will discuss the gear, supplies and skills necessary to make hiking fun.

Skiing on the North Mountain, Cape Breton

Safe Recreational Water Activities

Help Reduce the Risk of Wildfires by replacing burning permits with an online restrictions map.

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