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NS Outdoor Network Provincial Summit 

April 13-14, 2018 at Camp Brigadoon Village

Join a sector based discussion, learning opportunities, and some outdoor fun! The summit will be ideal for anyone who is involved in the outdoor recreation and outdoor education sector including volunteers, teachers, municipal employees, outfitters, tour operators, Early Childhood Educators and outdoor enthusiasts.

For more information, please email: nson@recreationns.ns.ca

Get the Inside on the Outside

The Nova Scotia Outdoor Network, a project of Recreation Nova Scotia, is a coalition of the NS outdoor sector which will strengthen and support the outdoor community in our province through communication, sharing, collaboration and celebration.

Its vision is an outdoor community meaningfully connected to one another, to resources and to learning and stewardship opportunities. Ultimately, the Outdoor Network aims to encourage Nova Scotians to get outside more often and participate in low-impact, nature-based activities.

“Facilitating more communication, sharing, collaboration and celebration in the outdoor community.”

In its first year of operation, the Outdoor Network :

  • Create the foundations necessary to support the Outdoor Network
  • Encourage collaboration through working groups that focus on:NSON-StratPlan-CoverGraphic
    • Capacity Building
    • Communications
    • Skill Building, Leadership and Education
    • Professional Networking and Development
    • Research and Evaluation
    • Advocacy
  • Create an online portal for sharing information on events, skill building opportunities and outdoor spaces as well as facilitate networking and community-building

The network was launched on June 14, 2016 (read more about it here), with our strategic plan unveiled (click on the document to the right) and working group discussions held. See the notes from those discussions here.

Check out nsoutdoornetwork.ca to get the inside on the outside! Here is a how to guide for adding events and skill building opportunities to the website.

For more information about the Outdoor Network, contact:

Heather Hanlon, Shared Strategy Coordinator

Recreation Nova Scotia recognizes the support of the Province of Nova Scotia for the Outdoor Network. We are pleased to work in partnership with the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage to develop and promote our cultural resources for all Nova Scotians.

The Outdoor Network Launch


A successful launch of the Nova Scotia Outdoor Network was held June 14th, 2016 in Truro with about 50 people in attendance from across the outdoor sector. We’re looking forward to connecting with you as we “facilitate more communication, sharing, collaboration and celebration in the outdoor community.” View the event news release and coverage on Global TV. Check our social media feeds below for photos from the event


October 2017 E-news





Upcoming Events

·     Fundy Regional Outdoor Network Collaboratory- October 24 (Rath Eastlink Centre)

·     Beaver Moon Night Hike to Keji Seaside- Nov. 4

·     “RE:GENERATIONS: Halifax’s Adventure Earth Centre – Full program weekend for adults. November 4 & 5.

·     Halifax Regional Outdoor Network Collaboratory- November 6- (Prospect Road Community Centre)

Skill Building

·     Field Leader – Hiking Course- Halifax: Oct. 14 & 15

·     Field Leader- Hiking Course- Antigonish: Oct. 21 & 22

·     Field Leader Hiking Course- Wolfville: Nov. 18 & 19


To learn more about these events and others, or to add your own organization’s events to the Outdoor Network website Click here.



TD Bank Group Presents NSON Collaboratory Series!
Throughout October and November the Outdoor Network will be hosting a number of ‘Collaboratories’ across the province. The events aim to build a provincial network by gathering and connecting local stakeholders to share resources, learn from one another, talk about stewardship and more. The collaboratory is for professionals and volunteers interested in the outdoors including outdoor recreation providers, outdoor educators, nature-based tourism operators, park planners, public health, active living, etc. The NS Outdoor Network is a project of Recreation Nova Scotia (www.nsoutdoornetwork.ca). The events are a partnership of the TD Bank Group, Recreation Nova Scotia, the Province of Nova Scotia and regional hosts. For more information on where you can attend a collaboratory in your region click here or email nson@recreationns.ns.ca. Central and Fundy dates are set. South Shore, Valley and Highland are still to come!



Camp For Adults!
Why should kids have all the fun? The Adventure Earth Centre is excited to offer a unique camp opportunity for adults! Spend a weekend taking part in camp activities and learning what the camp has to offer. Check out their poster and sign up! For more information click here.



In the News
·     One step closer to creating an urban wilderness park in Purcell’s Cove. Read More.


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Unama”ki Cape Breton Outdoor Network Collaboratory Held June 1st 2017

Presentation downloadable for your convenience:



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Please sign up to become a member of the Outdoor Network. This is how you can stay connected to the network through our monthly e-news and through invitations to special events and other opportunities. While membership in the Network is free, please consider showing your support financially by becoming a paid member of Recreation Nova Scotia

Add Your Events & Skill Building Opportunities to The Website

We had to work through a few glitches recently, but the http://nsoutdoornetwork.ca is ready and waiting for you to login to post your outdoor events or skill building opportunities. Simply create a login, click on the events or skill building (courses) tabs at the top and click on add a new event or course. The website is a work in progress, so if you encounter issues or have suggestions, please let me know. You can also “Get the inside on the outside” by searching for events and opportunities

Join a Working Group

Consider becoming an active member of one of the Outdoor Network’s working groups. The six working groups will take aspects of the strategic plan and create action plans. View the strategic plan and the notes from the working group discussions at the launch

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Promising Practices

Please add to our database of promising practices for the Shared Strategy for Advancing Recreation in Nova Scotia found here http://www.recreationns.ns.ca/resources-3/promising-practices/. Please click on “add to database” at the bottom of the page to start sharing. This is not yet “live” but will be launched at the Recreation Nova Scotia Conference on September 28/29 in New Glasgow.  We want this to be an easy process for you, so if you need assistance or if it would be easier for someone to help you, please contact our summer student, Michelle, by reply email (student@recreationns.ns.ca) or call 902-425-1128 ext. 4. She can also answer questions you may have. Thanks and we hope to have you participate!

Thank you.

Janet Barlow – Recreation Coordinator

jbarlow@recreationns.ns.ca 902-425-1128 ext. 2

Recreation NS 5516 Spring Garden Rd., Suite 309 Halifax, NS  B3J 1G6 www.recreationns.ns.ca


Connect with hundreds of recreation, sport and physical activity opportunities in your community


Get the inside on the outside

Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011) Proud to Participate in the Launch & Hike at Victoria Park, Truro

ONLaunch-NewsRelease-June2016 (3)


New NS Outdoor Network Launches June 14, 2016

It was a gathering of lovers of the outdoors, those who hike, paddle, bird-watch, cycle and so on. On June 14, over 50 outdoor explorers converged on Truro’s Victoria Park and the Douglas Street Recreation Centre to launch the Nova Scotia Outdoor Network

“Support for bringing the outdoor recreation community has been building for a long time and now we’ve finally done it,” says Heather Kelday, board member with Recreation Nova Scotia and chair of the council overseeing the network

The Nova Scotia Outdoor Network, a project of Recreation Nova Scotia, is a coalition of the NS outdoor sector that will strengthen and support the outdoor community in our province through communication, sharing, collaboration and celebration. Its vision is an outdoor community meaningfully connected to one another, to resources and to learning and stewardship opportunities. Ultimately, it aims to encourage Nova Scotians to get outside more often and participate in low-impact, nature-based activities

“There’s strength in bringing people together around this idea of getting more people outside,” says Kelday. “The back to nature movement is definitely alive and well and growing. What we’re doing is working together to make our outdoor culture stronger”

Why would we want to get more folks outside? Spending more time outside means you are more physically active and healthy overall, you experience stress reduction and improve mental health and you make a stronger bond with nature that can lead to more environmentally-friendly behaviours. And the outdoors is among the cheapest, most readily available recreation facilities going; more often than not, it’s free to access it. The economic benefits go well beyond the preventative physical and mental health costs. The tourism industry is heavily reliant on outdoor activities. Outdoor enthusiasts stay longer and spend more than most other types of tourists in Nova Scotia

At the launch event, groups went hiking, mountain biking and paddling together in the morning to be inspired for network launch and discussions in the afternoon. It ended with a birthday cake and music. In attendance were individuals, organizations, businesses, institutions and other stakeholders from the broad areas of outdoor recreation, wilderness conservation, outdoor/environmental education, outdoor leadership, commercial guiding and retailers

Recreation Nova Scotia Recreation Nova Scotia (RNS) is a province wide, not for profit organization that promotes the values and benefits of recreation and leisure. In partnership with volunteers and the professional recreation community, it advocates for high quality recreation and leisure opportunities

For more information contact:

Global’s Paul Brothers learns about the new NS Outdoor Network.