Unama’ki Cape Breton Outdoor Network

Unama’ki Cape Breton Outdoor Network  

Since gathering at CBU in June 2017, a lot of exciting things are happening, sharing some updates:

  1. Regional Collaboratory: We were the first region to hold such a gathering and other regions are now following our example.  Attached you will find the notes from our session, shared purpose statement and the slide show that was used at the session.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.


  1. Social Media: We have created some new social media tools for UCBON.  Please feel free to connect with the network via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Facebook: Unama’ki Cape Breton Outdoor Network



Instagram: unamakicboutdoornetwork2017


Twitter: @UCBON1

We are very excited about all these developments and look forward to continuing to move our outdoor community forward in Cape Breton.  Please contact me at any time if you have any questions.

Wayne McKay

Cape Breton Regional Physical Activity Consultant

Office: (902) 563-3751 / Cell: (902) 574-1401 / wayne.mckay@novascotia.ca


UCBON Winter gathering2018




HELD – Unama’ki Cape Breton Outdoor Network’s Winter Gathering 2018 

See Details Below

February 23-25, 2018 at Camp Bretondean

A program has been developed with the community of outdoor professionals here in Unama’ki Cape Breton. This gathering is being modelled on the Ontario “Make Peace With Winter” event, which has been running since 1980. If you need ideas or inspiration, please visit: https://www.coeo.org/make-peace-winter-2018/

If you’d like more info, or want to register (by Feb. 21, 2018 at the absolute latest for catering) please email unamakicboutdoornetwork@gmail.com.  The event is free!





Collaboratory HELD June 1st, 2017 at CBU 

Please download the presentation from the Collaboratory here for your convenience:



Here are a few related events that may interest you:

  • Following the Collaboratory, we will be hosting a public screening of the film Nature Play. This will start at 2 pm, and be shown in CS 104 (the large theatre in the Verschuren Centre). Details about the film, including a trailer, can be found at https://www.natureplayfilm.com.
  • Over the 3-days that follow the Collaboratory, there are other outdoor workshops/courses on offer: A Reconnecting with Nature workshop on June 2 and an Outdoor Council of Canada Field Leader-Hiking course on June 3 and 4. Registration information for both the workshop/course is through Hike NS (www.hikenovascotia.ca) with these events also taking place at CBU.

HELD – Unama’ki Cape Breton Outdoor Network Winter Gathering 2018  

UCBON Tentative Schedule 2018

UCBON Winter Gathering Registration Form

February 23-25, 2018 at Camp Bretondean (Arrive for dinner on the Friday, leave before lunch on the Sunday).  A rough schedule is attached. Filling in the schedule is up to us as a community of outdoor professionals here in Unama’ki Cape Breton.  Register and offer to run a workshop or two. Deadline Feb. 5th, 2018. This gathering is being modelled on the Ontario “Make Peace With Winter” event, which has been running since 1980. If you need ideas or inspiration, please visit: https://www.coeo.org/make-peace-winter-2018/

To register and/or propose a workshop, please visit  https://form.jotform.com/cbela/ucbon2018 or complete the attached PDF form and return it to unamakicboutdoornetwork@gmail.com

Please distribute this call far and wide. We look forward to seeing many, many or you on the banks of the Mira River. If you have any questions, please ask. On behalf of the entire steering committee, representing:

Pat T. Maher, PhD Associate Professor, Community Studies & Outdoor Leadership

University Teaching Chair, Community Engaged Teaching & Scholarship, Cape Breton University, School of Arts and Social Sciences PO Box 5300, 1250 Grand Lake Rd. Sydney, NS, CANADA B1P 6L2   Phone: (902)-563-1230 Email: Pat_Maher@cbu.ca Skype: pat-maher 

Website: http://drpatmaher.com   Twitter: @DrPatMaher

May 2017 E-news
Outdoor Network Unama’ki Cape Breton Collaboratory

HELD June 1, 2017 Sydney

TD Bank presented the NS Outdoor Network – Unama’ki Cape Breton Collaboratory in Sydney on June 1st, 2017. This event was a regional gathering of the outdoor community, taking place from 10 am to 1 pm at Cape Breton University in Sydney (Multipurpose Room B).  This was free event and included coffee/tea and a nutrition break. The event aimed to build a provincial network by gathering and connecting local stakeholders to share resources, learn from one another and talk about stewardship and more. The collaborator was for professionals and volunteers interested in the outdoors including outdoor recreation providers, outdoor educators, nature-based tourism operators, park planners, public health, active living, etc. The NS Outdoor Network is a project of Recreation Nova Scotia. The event is a partnership of TD Bank, Recreation Nova Scotia, the Province of Nova Scotia and the Unama’ki Cape Breton Outdoor Network.

There will be other regional gatherings like this one in June and the fall across the province.

NS Outdoor Network| Recreation Nova Scotia | nson@recreationns.ns.ca| nsoutdoornetwork.ca
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