AT in Victoria County

“Active Transportation Lives Here”

Active Transportation refers to any human powered or non-motorized travel. However, active transportation is more than just a way to get around. For many, it’s a chance to enjoy physical activity, recreational or leisure opportunities in the great outdoors. For others, it’s a way to help the environment through reduced emissions and lower noise pollution levels

Victoria County Active Transportation Plan

Executive Summary



Warden Morrison extended the courtesy of Council to Tom Wilson, Director of Recreation and Tourism, and Vince Forrestall, Physical Active Living Strategy Coordinator to present on the Victoria County Active Transportation Plan. Mr. Wilson advised that the definition of active transportation (AT) is non-motorized transportation and includes walking, cycling, jogging, in-line skating, skateboarding, etc. CBCL were hired to do the 5 year plan and held two public meetings – one in the northern area and one in the southern area of the County. They also developed an online survey that was completed by 193 residents.

The four goals contained in the AT Plan were:
• Educate – To promote a shift in public attitudes and raise a new generation of active transportation users.
• Improve infrastructure – Adequately maintain existing and improve both on and off road facilities; encourage AT friendly built environments; provide year-around safety; improve signage and liaise with TIR.
• Raise awareness – Create/coordinate partnerships and participate in/organize local events
• Implementation of the Plan – Look for correspondence with potential partners’ interests, be opportunistic and evaluate regularly.

Mr. Forrestall updated on the Nova Scotia Moves – Victoria County Moves Project. The presentation at tonight’s Council and Council’s subsequent approval will be the Victoria County AT Master Plan. The next step is to form an Active Transportation Committee. The installation of bike racks strategically placed around the County and a Bike Haven at the Baddeck VIC is in progress, as are AT lanes extended to Alderwood on both sides of the Shore Road and AT lanes and bike symbols painted on Shore Road and Twining Street. AT signage such as shared path signs and end path signs is in the process of being installed, as is gravel and concrete where required. Cycling and Trails Mapping & Routes will be drafted.

Mr. Forrestall outlined the funding partners for the Victoria County Moves Project. The Nova Scotia Moves Program will be accepting applications until June 23, 2014. A summary of funding opportunities is on their website and Mr. Forrestall indicated he would talk to Julia Sable to see if more than one project could be funded at the same time under this program.

It is important that Council has an AT Master Plan that gives direction to future projects, actions in partnership, and with available resources benefitting all residents in the County. The new Bike Victoria logo was presented.

Warden Morrison extended a thank you to Mr. Wilson and Mr. Forrestall for their presentation.

It was moved by Councillor Dauphinee, seconded by Councillor Budge, to accept the Active Transportation Plan for Victoria County. Motion carried.


Two Victoria County Active Transportation Consultations Held
CBCL Ltd was in Victoria County February 10-14th and hosted two public presentations:

1) February 11/2014 – Municipal Courthouse Building, Baddeck
2) February 12/2014 – Smokey Recreational Center, Ingonish Beach (Old school)

Active Transportation On-Line Survey

Thank You to everyone who completed the survey (By Friday, March 7th). Thank-you in advance for your cooperation.

Results from the AT Survey:  ATSurveyDataMarch72014

What is Active Transportation – Active Transportation is human powered transportation (non- motorized) that includes, walking, cycling, hiking, cross-country skiing, canoeing, kayaking, skateboarding etc. Active transportation connects communities to each other thru trails, bikeways etc.

Thank You to those who participated moving forward of the future well-being of our residents & visitors. CBCL Ltd will develop a 5 Year Active Transportation Master Plan for Victoria County.

What is Active Transportation? – Active Transportation is human powered transportation (non- motorized) that includes, walking, cycling, hiking, cross-country skiing, canoeing, kayaking, skateboarding etc. Active transportation connects communities to each other thru trails, bikeways etc.

Victoria County Active Transportation Master Plan Proposal
The Municipality of Victoria County awarded CBCL Limited the contract to develop an Active Transportation Master Plan for Victoria County (Completion date: March 31, 2014.
AT Master Plan Victoria County CBCL PROPOSALJan2014PDF
AT is led by the Victoria County Moves Committee

If you are interested in Active Transportation issues, you’ll find something worthwhile among the more than 2,800 items that have been posted

Policy for Bicycling Routes in Nova Scotia

PO1072 Policy for Bicycling Routes (PDF)

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