AT Leadership


Are you interested in teaching youth and children the safety knowledge and skills they need to become life-long users of active transportation? Making Tracks is a program with a proven curriculum that’s been at work in Nova Scotia doing just that, since 2008. More than 10,000 children and youth have taken Making Tracks training and 700 adults and older youth have become leaders of the program. In 2015 alone, 2500 children and youth participated and 200 leaders were trained!

Winter is arriving, but for many, it’s time to plan for spring! Consider Making Tracks for programming at recreation centres, schools and school boards, municipalities, community organizations, summer camps and clubs.

These programs teach about safety, preparedness, rules of the road and etiquette, technical skills, equipment maintenance and community route planning. The programs include cycling, skate boarding, scootering, in-line skating and walking safety; they are hands on, fun, and easy to adapt.

Making Tracks provides leadership training for adults and youth to lead active transportation programs in their communities. To set up a session: to provide leadership training contact Julian West at

or 902.538-0520 (Berwick).

An example of how a municipality integrated Making Tracks into programming is the Try-A-Ride program. Ecology Action Centre provided expertise to adapt the Making Tracks curriculum and provide leader training for staff. This program engaged 1000 children and youth in experiences to safely wheel in various ways.