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Bras D’Or Archers Association

5th Archery Season – 2018 

Located at the Baddeck Curling Club, 28 Campbell Street, Baddeck.

Open House

Sunday September 16th

2-5 pm, Baddeck Curling Club

Everyone is welcome – come and try archery for $2 – “Try-It for a Twoonie”.  There will be BBQ hot dogs, cake, snacks, refreshments, etc. as we commence our 5th season of archery in Baddeck.

This is our small way of saying Thank-You to the community and people who have supported our club since we started in March 2014 (Naturally Active for Life Victoria County Since 2011 is a Proud Supporter of the Bras d’Or Archers Association Since 2014, we thank the board, leaders, team & organization on a great program benefiting residents and visitors in the area. 

Come and join us for a snack, try archery, and potentially win a prize – one being a free adult archery membership to the Bras d’Or Archers Association for 2019 (transferable). Please mark your calendars and save the date.  See you at the range!! – Stephen Kerr, President (on behalf of the Bras d’Or Archers Association)

Come out and try archery – it is great exercise for your mind and body – and more importantly it is fun. The Bras d’Or Archers club have all the equipment to get you started – bows, arrows, safety gear – and some one-on-one coaching to get you pointed in the right direction. Visitors welcome.

This coming Friday, August 24, 2018 the Victoria Farmers Co-Op in Baddeck will be having a parking lot BBQ as part of its “customer appreciation program” and to raise funds for charitable and non-profit organizations in the County. The Bras d’Or Archers have been chosen by the Co-Op Board as one of the recipients that it will support this year through this initiative. So please come out this Friday and support your local Co-Op and the Bras d’Or Archers on Friday August 24th from 11:30 am and 1:30 pm.  Hot dogs, soft drinks, water, etc. will be sold over the lunch hour in the parking lot. It is supposed to be a super nice day on Friday so put on some sun screen and  come out with your friends and family for a picnic in the Co-Op parking lot. Many thanks to the Co-Op and Co-Op Board for their support of our club!!

Tuesday Nights has now been designated Target Archery Night. We may still have some educational aspect (short videos to go over various aspects of equipment / technique) but the focus will be target archery. There will be an opportunity to practice and get pointers but starting around 7:30 pm(+/-) we will have a mini competition for anyone who wants to participate. It will be 10 rounds of 3 arrows per round (1/2 a typical indoor 600 Round competition).  This will start this week (Tuesday July 17th) – we will start at close distance – Jrs. at 10M and Seniors / Masters at 14M and each week add 2M until we are at competition distance (18M). There is a scoreboard for keeping track of your weekly score.

Thursday Nights is 3D Night.  The range will be set-up with ten (10) 3D foam targets at various distances – Jrs. up to 18M; Seniors / Masters up to 25M. Similar to Tuesday night, there will be an opportunity to practice / get pointers and then there will be a mini competition for those wanting to participate starting around 7:30PM. Traditional / recurve archers will shoot 2 arrows from 2 different distances and compound shooters will shoot 1 arrow from the furthest distance. Total scores over the 10 target course can be entered on the posted scoreboard for keeping track of your weekly score.

Sundays will be left open for either type of archery / practice.

The club did receive a $500 grant from Victoria County and a $500 grant from Sport Nova Scotia’s Sport Fund. We are very appreciative of their support in assisting us achieve our goals and objectives.

If you have not done so, come and check out the facility and take a shot at trying a great sport.

July 28, 2018 Update

Well it has been a busy couple of weeks at the Archery Club. Thursday nights – our 3D night – seems to be a hit – with 20 archers each of the past 2 Thursdays. It is great to see so many people taking an interest in the club and coming out to see what archery is all about. Lots of tourists dropping in and trying out something different during their visit to Baddeck as well.

Earlier in the year, we hosted a group of International Exchange Students who were attending Baddeck Academy. Many thanks to Nadine for bringing them in for some fun and exercise (and a little competitiveness between the various countries represented)!

July 27, 2018 – We hosted a group of 12 kids – ages 5-8 yrs – from the BOLD Camp along with their leaders. Lots of fun and I think there were a couple of budding archery stars in the group – especially among the girls (sorry boys – maybe next time). Many thanks to the BOLD Camp organizers for including archery as part of the program. Thanks to BoD members Mel Harris and Larry Hurd for their assistance.

We are continuing our program with Tuesday night being Target archery with a mini-competition starting at 7:30 pm – practice starting at 7PM; Thursday night is 3D archery with practice starting at 7PM and a mini -10 target competition starting at 7:30 pm – foam animal targets set-up at 8M-25M distances; and Sundays is open for both types of archery. One-on-one instruction available to all participants.

The club currently has 27 members and hoping to grow. If you have not done so, come in and check it out.

Annual General Meeting HELD

May 10, 2018 – Baddeck Curling Club

All members were strongly encouraged to attend. Guests are welcome. Our normal Thursday evening shoot will follow the meeting.

2017 Season Completed

Hi – As most of you know, we are done shooting at the Baddeck Curling Club for the 2017 season.  Many thanks to the Baddeck Curling Club (BCC) for letting us use their facility for archery again in 2017.

Although attendance was down slightly this year relative to 2016, we are still moving upward & onward and looking forward to next year already. We have confirmed with the BCC for the use their facility again next year and applied for a small grant with Sport Nova Scotia. Similar to last year, we had many guests; in addition to regular archers, come and try archery while visiting the Baddeck Area – estimated at 100 + with about 400 person-shoots throughout the year.

We would like to thank the many 2017 supporters of our club and encourage people to support and/or patronize these businesses, people, and/or service organizations:

Baddeck Curling Club

Victoria County Physically Active Strategy (Vince Forrestall)

Minerva MacInnis, RE/MAX Realty

Stone’s Pharmasave

Mark Morrison Motors

Two Rivers Wildlife Park

Tom’s Pizza

Victoria Farmers Co-Op Ltd.

Baddeck Home Hardware

S.J. MacRae & Son Ltd.

MacIntyre Chev Olds Ltd.

Victoria County Creates

Keith Bain, MLA Victoria-The Lakes

Midway Motors Ltd.

Bell Buoy Restaurant and Supper House

Cape Breton Gas

Mark Eyking, MP Sydney-Victoria

Baddeck Lions Club

East Coast Credit Union

The club is continuing its search for a permanent facility – an existing building or construction of a new facility dedicated to archery or a multi-use facility. A permanent home would allow us to shoot / meet year round, host competitive tournaments, and host archery camps for various skill levels. In addition we will be continuing our fundraising efforts with another “Placemat Advertising” initiative in the Spring. If anyone is interested in reserving a spot on the placemat, please let us know. The fundraising initiative was quite successful this year and Bellwether Media (Andrew Brooks) did a great job with the layout and printing of the placemats (Placemat File attached). As always, we are collecting recyclables. Anyone interested, we have an account set-up at the Baddeck Transfer Station where you can donate your bottles / cans, etc. to the Bras d’Or Archers. Every little bit helps with targets, arrows, etc.

We have applied for funding through Sport Nova Scotia (SNS) to acquire more 3D targets. If successful, we will be looking at having one of our evening shoots dedicated to 3D archery next season and perhaps host an indoor 3D tournament in the not so distant future. 3D archery is the fastest growing type of archery in Canada.

The Archers Association of Nova Scotia (AANS) will be hosting the Canadian National Outdoor Archery Championships in August 2018. This championship includes target, field, and 3D archery events. Some of Canada’s top archers will be in attendance. Hopefully this event will raise the exposure level of archery in the province and peak a higher interest in the sport. If you are in the Truro area in early August, try to take in some top notch archery.

There may be an article in the CB Post on Saturday about our club so keep your eye out for that.  I am not sure what will get printed so it will be a surprise for me as well (ha, ha).

As our season winds down, there is a scheduled Paper Animal Shoot at the Canadian Coast Guard College on Sunday November 12th. Please check out the Bras d’Or Archers Association FaceBook page for more details. Archers of all skill levels are welcome to come out and give it a try. Its great fun and good exercise.

From Jean LaBrie at CCGC:  The shoot is on, it will be in the gym at the Coast Guard College Sunday, Nov 12th. I will send mail to the clubs next week, but it’s a fun shoot, the distances will be from 10 to 30 yards max, registration should be around 9am with a round in the morning, people will be able to buy lunch here at the college ($7),     then a round in the afternoon and after giving away the medals to the different class, we should be over around 3pm.

If it’s possible to let me know how many archers from your club think of coming and if they intend to have the lunch here, I would appreciate it.

Once again, thank-you to everyone for their support – past and present.

Remember – archery equipment makes a great Christmas present for kids of all ages!! Follow us on our FaceBook page.

Stephen Kerr

President, Bras d’Or Archers Association

Season wrapped up at the Baddeck Curling Club on Sunday October 15, 2017

The day included some snacks, games, and prizes for participants. Hats off to all involved, including the great leadership, commitment, expertise and passion by the club, it’s greatly appreciated benefiting residents and visitors.

Final day for archery (Sunday October 15th) at the Baddeck Curling Club for 2017. Come out and join us for some fun as we try some skill-testing competitions for prizes. Last year Scott MacDonald won the “William Tell” prize. Can he defend this year? Logan and Zoe may have something to say about that. Terry Morrison won the “Robin Hood” competition while Logan MacDonald pushed him to a shoot-off. Come out and try your hand at archery. We have all the equipment to use and will provide one-on-one instruction. Come out and have some fun and maybe win a prize.

We will tear down the targets, netting, etc. following the shoot on Sunday.

We will be investigating options for shooting at another location up until Christmas – probably Sunday afternoons only – at the Community Center or Baddeck Academy. I will keep you posted. If that does not work out, we will be back at the Baddeck Curling Club starting April 15th (+/-).

Anyone wishing to join the archery club are welcome to do so. Memberships for people joining after September 1st are good until December 2018. With Christmas only 2.75 months away – remember that archery equipment always makes a great Christmas gift –  Stephen Kerr



Come join us for some fun and physical activity. Equipment available for use.

Bras d’Or Archery Club

Regular  schedule meets on Tuesday and Thursdays evenings from 7-9 PM and Sunday afternoons from 2-5 PM. Times and days will be discussed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). If anyone has any suggestions regarding this issue, please bring them forward then.

There is equipment available for use by new and novice archers. Targets set-up at 10M, 18M, and 25M. Come out and start to reap the health benefits of archery.


I am not sure how we can top last night (July 28, 2017) as the Bras d’Or Archers hosted a “try-it” event for a private function at the Baddeck Curling Club. Kids of all ages tried archery – 4 years to 60 years of age – lots of laughs and fun had by all – somewhere between 30-40 people got to try archery – many for the first time. It was a hectic 3 hours to say the least. Many thanks to Terry Morrison for his help and to the Bryson Family and Baddeck Curling Club for hosting the event.

We are back to our regular Sunday shoot time 2-5 PM at the Baddeck Curling Rink. Drop in and try archery. Equipment available for use and one-on-one instruction.

Our placemat fundraiser is now complete (Please see above). Many thanks to the sponsors of the placemat fundraising initiative. I have attached a draft copy for reference. We have made 2 minor corrections to the draft and the placemats will be ready for distribution on Monday.  Invoices / receipts will be issued shortly to all sponsors.The sponsors are:

  • Minerva McInnes ReMax Realty
  • Tom’s Pizza
  • Bell Buoy Restaurant
  • MP Mark Eyking
  • Morrison Motors
  • Cape Breton Gas
  • Baddeck Home Hardware
  • Stone’s Pharmasave
  • MacIntyre Chev
  • Victoria Farmers Co-Op
  • Victoria County Creates
  • MLA Keith Bain
  • MidWay Motors
  • Baddeck Lions Club
  • Two Rivers Wildlife Park
  • S.J. MacRaes & Son

East Coast Credit Union made a donation in lieu of advertising. A number of the sponsors have done this for the past 3 seasons and the Bras d’Or Archers want to thank you all for your kind support. If any of you want to take some of the placemats to distribute at eating establishments or for community group functions, please let us know.

Many thanks to Andrew Brooks at Bellwether Media for his help in putting this together and printing it. I think it looks great. Great job Bellwether Media!! Also, thanks to Walter Ryan for all his work on this initiative.

Hope to see you all at the range soon.

Stephen Kerr

Highland Bow & Arrow


Highland Bow & Arrow is a roadside archery attraction on the Cabot Trail near Wreck Cove, Cape Breton Island. Prices range from $10-$40 depending on age and include an in-depth archery lesson using a traditional bow of your choice / age range.

Owner/Instructor Jay will guide you through the culture and technical aspects of shooting bow and arrow in Skir Dhu Cape Breton. After your lesson shooters have 30 mins unlimited arrows to practice with. Experience is approximately one hour. A variety of targets and bows depending on age and preference, set at various distances.

Located next to two restaurants: Cal’s Restaurant and The Dancing Moose Cafe with many accommodations nearby. Call to book your group ahead of time!

Opening Hours















Open rain or shine! Closures due to extreme weather or special events will be announced on social media.

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