High Five

HIGH FIVE®, Canada’s only Quality Assurance Program


HighFiveTrainer_Candidate_Info_Package_August_2014 (1)

Recreation Nova Scotia is proud to be the Nova Scotia provider of HIGH FIVE®  for recreation and sport programs for children aged 6-12. HIGH FIVE® provides a range of training, assessment tools and resources to help organizations deliver  high quality programs.

Eexperiences children have in sport and recreation at an early age have a life-long impact. Positive experiences in sport and recreation help children become capable, caring adults who contribute more effectively to the community in the future.

HIGH FIVE® ensures leaders, coaches, and instructors have the tools and knowledge to nurture a child’s mental health and create those positive experiences for children

For more information:

To learn more or book a training workshop please call the HIGH FIVE Nova Scotia Office at 902 425-1128 ext. 3 or email the HIGH FIVE Coordinator, Debbie Bauld at dbauld@recreationns.ns.ca

You can visit  www.highfive.org for more information



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