Cabot Trail Relay Race

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The Cabot Trail Relay Race is an annual 276.33 km (171.70 mi) relay race around Cape Breton‘s Cabot Trail. The race takes place over 24 hours in 17 stages and features up to 70 teams and 1,200 runners. The race begins and ends in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. The annual event began in 1988, when just 6 teams participated. Teams now permitted for the Cabot Trail Relay is 70 (Always a waiting list!)

31st Annual Cabot Trail Relay Race 2018

May 26 – 27, 2017

Twelve hundred runners (70 teams) will make their way over the 298 km of winding road and steep hills of the World Famous Cabot Trail for the 30th running of the Cabot Trail Relay Race. Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011) wishes Organizers, Participants, Spectators & Sponsors a safe and enjoyable run 2017. Hats off to the Cabot Trail Relay Association for their great work!

29th Annual Running of the Cabot Trail Relay May 27-29, 2016 Held

 Maine-Iacs Win 6th Straight Relay (2016) – 10 Out of 11 Years!

2016 Cabot Trail Relay winning team was the Maine-iacs, for the sixth time, with an overall total time of 16:11:38, followed by Dennis Fairall’s Retirement Party with a time of 16:34:45 and the Cape Breton Road Runners with a time of 17:07:51’/1



The Annual Cabot Trail Relay Race is a 185 mile/276.33 km, 17 stage relay race through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world… beginning in Baddeck, Cape Breton, over steep mountains in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, through many small communities around the famous Cabot Trail, to the gently rolling Margaree Valley.
2016 race takes place May 28th & 29th.



“Another Cabot Trail Relay come and gone.  The day after always has that same letdown feeling of Boxing Day.  Sigh. I’ve been fortunate enough to have run a lot of Cabot Trail Relays.  I did my first one about 24 years ago and in the last 13 years haven’t missed one.  I’ve thought a lot about why the race is so popular and successful, and here’s what I came up with:
-the scenery.  Not just for people from away, but for us locals as well.  It’s not often we get to take a relaxed, low-speed tour around the trail.
-the challenge.  It’s pretty cool to be able to say “I ran over a mountain” when exchanging weekend stories Monday at the water cooler.
-the people.  Runners are awesome to hang out with.  They have a great attitude towards life and are a lot of fun.
-the cameraderie.  Some great friendships have started during races.  Running a leg of this race is an intense bonding experience with other runners.
-getting to watch 16 other races.  When my friend, who had been running for decades, first came to the CTR, he remarked “Y’know, I’ve never actually WATCHED a race before!”.
-the costumes.  Where else can you wear a superman cape and a chicken hat, and not have the police take you for psych assessment?

-the reunion.  The CTR serves as a big yearly get-together for runners from all over Canada.  If you’re new to it, give it a few years and you’ll know what I mean.
-to kick off the running season.  To many of us here in CB, the CTR serves as the first “Big Race” of the running season.  It’s a great early goal to shoot for, to make sure we’re not dragging our butts come June.

A huge THANK YOU to Dave Parkinson, who has been working tirelessly year after year making sure this race goes on, and gets done right.  It’s an amazing feat to get over 1000 runners around the trail each year, feed them, time them, get them all t-shirts and drinks and…   Good on ya Dave!

Congrats to everyone who ran, especially the new folks.  And congrats to the CB Roadrunners team on their 3rd place finish”. – Chris “BigHead” Milburn

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