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Victoria County Age-friendly Action Plan 2017





SHIFT: Nova Scotia’s Action Plan for an Aging Population



Naturally Active for Life Victoria County Proud to have Participated and be part of the Official Launch of the Victoria County Age-friendly Action Plan Launched September 23rd, 2017

1st Age-friendly Municipality in Cape Breton. So nice to have a great turnout for the announcement with NS Dept of Seniors Minister Leo Glavine, MLA Keith Bain, Municipal Council including Chair of the Victoria County Age Friendly Committee Fraser Patterson and Warden Bruce Morrison, Victoria County Age Friendly Committee including Noreen-Aging well together coalition, partners, Kate Oland Baddeck Library, businesses including Graham MacKenzie, Baddeck Pharmasave, Victoria Standard (Jennifer Ripley) etc. To all involved, kudos, well done on the accomplishment, with a great spirit of cooperation

Victoria County “Age Friendly” Committee

Victoria County Launched Age-friendly Communities Plan Sept. 23, 2017

Hats Off to All Involved on A Great Initiative, Action Plan for Victoria County Moving Forward. Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011) Proud to be Part Of. Looking Forward to being at the Launch Tomorrow!


Victoria County is at the forefront of age friendly initiatives that allow people to stay healthy and their own homes and communities. “Age Friendly” initiatives may deal with transportation, nutrition, health, fitness, community design, and more.

Currently, the Age-friendly Committee is updating their Community Plan with an Age-friendly Community Planning Process that began May 14, 2016 & continues June 25th.

In December 2010, the Victoria County Municipal Council passed a motion “Endorsing the concept of age friendly communities“. This launched the development of a strategy to make the Municipality of Victoria County an “Age-Friendly Community”.

1st – Community Consultations were organized. From this, Age Friendly Advisory Committee determined aspects of our county that presently met age-friendly requirements and those that did not. This information assisted in setting priorities and creating action plans for making communities as age friendly as possible.

County documents were researched to garner previously identified information that could also be considered an age friendly priority. From the Victoria County Strategic Plan 2009 and (ICSP) Victoria County Integrated Community Sustainability Planning documents a number of priorities were identified including transportation, housing and a need for seniors assistance plan. These priorities aligned with results of the age friendly community consultations and so, became, as our Committee Chairman (Victoria County Deputy Warden) Fraser Patterson says “A good place to get the discussions started”.

The committee assembled is a good mixture of community people – seniors, those with experience in sustainable housing, nutrition, transportation, health and three Victoria County Councilors.

As the committee worked on an Action Plan to address the priorities, it became clear that a plan was needed to get the word out beyond the committee. A Communications Consultant was hired to develop an awareness strategy which identified key messages, one of which is to ensure that an age-friendly lens and way of practice is integrated into ongoing municipal activities, plan and policies.

Victoria County Council has been a champion of incorporating Age Friendly strategies into the community in a variety of ways. This municipal engagement has encouraged Age Friendly in the following ways:
-Passing a Motion “Endorsing the Age Friendly concept”
-Providing regular updates in municipal council meetings ensures Age Friendly is embedded into budget planning, the budget itself and other municipal policies
-Engaging the services of a communications consultant to assist in creating a strategy to engage stakeholders.
-Seeking funding for and issuing a Request for Proposals for a Transit Feasibility Study.

1st NS Age Friendly Conference – “Charting the Course” (Held September 2014, Baddeck)

in which Naturally Active was on Organizing Committee and Organized the Recreation Program:

Downloadable Video of Amoeba Sail on the Bras d”Or Lake

AmoebaSept112014 022

Usige Ban Falls Hike

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Willie Roberts: Fit 87-year-old walks, cycles every day:

Conference Testimonials:

Thank you everyone for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing team !! Now I just have to get community links and seniors issues on the agenda ! Looking forward to getting together with everyone. By the way  great video Vince“. Yours in Aging well together – Noreen

It was a great day. Fantastic work everyone!” – Alicia Lake

Hi Vince.  I really enjoyed the Age Friendly Conference.  Well done.  Thanks to all the organizers” – Debbie Martell, Community Health Coordinator – Cape Breton District Health Authority

WilkieGulchHikeTrailsDay2013Lunch break on top of the ridgeIMG_2813

(Seniors Participating in Naturally Active’s Annual International Trails Day)

Presentation / Audio #434 Age Friendly Communities Evaluation: “How to Incorporate Evaluation into your Existing AFC Initiative”.

Please see link:

Helping Older Adults Connect With Mobile Technology
The C@P Program helps older adults learn how to use mobile technologies like tablets and smart phones. Want more information, visit

Snowremoval201516Special Pricing for Seniors!

Free copy of Health Canada’s Physical Activity Guide for

Older Adults and Handbook – call 1-888-334-9769 or visit the website:


NS Dental PlanNS

Dental PlanPDF

A dental plan for those Nova Scotians that have attained their 55 birthday. Those who meet those two criteria will be interested in learning more about this unique offer. The Federation of Senior Citizens & Pensioners of Nova Scotia has partnered with a Health Care Insurance Provider to assist in getting the message out. Many don’t want a comprehensive package that offers addition health care as well as travel insurance. The Dental Plan being promoted by the Federation has an excellent track record of meeting the dental needs of its clients since 2008 The plan has two options and the choices are, Single, Couple or Family. There is no examination only an application. The only other requirement is becoming a member of the Federation. All information on the Dental Plan & membership can be found by contacting David Lawand : Email-  or                                                  Phone: 902-445-0229.

Age Friendly Chair –  Fraser Patterson (Deputy Warden, Victoria County)
PO Box 1645, Bras d’Or, NS B1Y 3Y6
Phone: 902.674.2703 / Fax: 902.674.0906

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