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October 2017


Senior Dental Care in Canada
Oral hygiene is an important part of overall health, especially as you age. Senior dental care is just as important as any other health prevention, however cost is often a prohibitive factor that keeps many seniors away from the dentist.
Educational Programs for “Mature” Students in Canada
September is a time of new beginnings for the one million university students across Canada who have headed back to school. With new changes to Ontario Student Assistant Plan (OSAP) rules, there will be more mature students among them.
Elder Research in Canada Aims at Improving the Lives of Older Adults
How to leverage technology to help older adults, improving accessibility for seniors (whether they’re remote, or can’t afford programs and services) and loneliness and social isolation, are just a few of the challenges facing today’s older adults and their caregivers, says Pat Spadafora, Director of the Centre for Elder Research at Sheridan College.


Caring for Elderly Parents’ Estate and Finances
It’s important that you have conversations with your parents and siblings about the plans that your parents have made for their estate after they pass away or should they become too ill to continue to handle their finances. Ideally this is a conversation that your parents initiate and it will take place when your parents are still healthy and in good mental capacity. Learn More
Flu Shots in Assisted Living
Although the flu season in Canada runs from November-March, influenza peaked across the country last week, and more than 353 Canadians were hospitalized. Hospitalizations and ICU admissions remain above expected as the number of cases of influenza B continue to increase. Learn More
There May Be a Reason Women Live Longer Than Men
A recent study in Japan revealed that there is slower immune system aging in women compared to men in the Japanese population. Scientists speculate that this could be the reason behind women’s longevity. Learn More
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