Victoria County Community Health Board (CHB)


Nova Scotia Health Authority

Want to make your community a healthier place to live?  

You can make a difference by volunteering two hours a month of your time to your local Community Health Board (CHB).  Central Cape Breton County CHB meet in Sydney, Northside the Lakes CHB  meet in North Sydney, East Cape Breton County CHB meet in Glace Bay, Victoria County CHB meet in Baddeck or St. Ann’s, Central Inverness CHB meet in Inverness and North Inverness CHB meet in Cheticamp.  CHBs are presently recruiting new members and would like to hear from you.  Please contact Debbie Martell, 902-794-8942 to find out how to get involved.

Remember to fill out the Community Health Board Survey

You can download and print the survey here:



or fill out the one that was mailed to you, putting your completed form in one of the mailboxes mentioned in the Victoria Standard poster here:


The information is to be used to support health promotion initiatives that can improve the health of communities.

It’s a place for the voices of Victoria County to be heard. See the aforementioned for more information.

Surveys are also available online at


Victoria County Community Health Board Plan 2014 – 17


The Victoria County Community Health Board is a group of volunteers who work to promote healthy living in your community. We administer grants from the health district for new playgrounds, exercise classes, nutrition education, keeping seniors connected, and so much more.

Victoria County Community Health Board – CHBCommunityHealthPlan2014-2017

Wellness Grant Applications were forwarded to the Attention of Admin Assistant Benita Manzine. She is the collection point for all of the grant applications this year. Here is the contact info:

Benita Manzine –

Administrative Assistant

Population Health & Research

Nova Scotia Health Authority

235 Townsend Street

Sydney, NS B1P 5E7

Office: 902-563-1833

Fax: 902-563-0508

The Following 22 Grants Were Approved for 2014 – 15:

Please scroll–there is something here for everyone! The funding comes from the Cape Breton Health District, and the grants were approved by a volunteer board.

MONDAY NIGHT HOCKEY for Iona and nearby communities, youth and adult. Kevin MacKenzie 902-622-2667 or 902-322-4683

CIRCUIT TRAINING, BASKETBALL, DANCING and other fitness programs. Washabuck Community Centre. 902-725-2444

SENIORS HEALTHY LUNCH with guest speakers. St. Ann’s Bay Community Health Group 902-929-2889

FRIDAY FRUIT TRAYS for 173 students in grades K – 12. Wagmatcookewey School.

COOKING WORKSHOPS emphasizing local nutritious, fresh and whole foods. Baddeck Community Market. Veronika Brzeski. 902-929-2757


YOUTH COOKING WORKSHOP encouraging fresh, healthy food. Baddeck. Alicia Lake 902-577-3260 cblocalfood

ME TIME FITNESS: yoga and weight training. Baddeck. Cyndi Ingraham 902-578-4483

OVER 40 MEN’S HOCKEY Baddeck. David Fraser 902-295-3118

YOGA, BELLY FIT, WORLD DRUMMING & SENIOR EXERCISE. Big Bras D’or Firehall. Patsy MacKenzie 902-674-2374

INTRODUCTION TO ARCHERY for all ages. Bras D’or Archers. Stephen Kerr 902-295-1519.

FOOT CARE CLINIC. Big Bras D’or Firehall. Patsy MacKenzie 902-674-2374

LUNCH AND LEARN community meetings. Neil’s Harbour / New Haven. David Donovan 902-336-2546 –

HOT & HEALTHY LUNCHES for students. North Highlands Elementary.

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING for grades 4-6. North Highlands Elementary.

COMMUNITY ORCHARD Bay St. Lawrence Community Centre. Claudia Gahlinger 902-383-2198

GUEST SPEAKERS on dementia, aging & living at home, walk & talk, a healthy back, sustainable communities, story sessions. Englishtown Community Hall. Beth MacCormick 902-929-2687

LIFESTYLE WORKSHOPS FOR MEN 18 and older. Second Chance Society. 902-567-0979

LET’S GO RIDE A BIKE Cape Breton Down Syndrome Society 902-577-4290

CAPE BRETON FIDDLERS RUN Youth cross-country running. Bernadette MacLellan 902-564-0087

HEMACHROMATOSIS EDUCATION hidden iron overload in Celtic descendants. Canadian Hemachromatosis Society, Gordon Sutherland 902-828-2645

LOGO DEVELOPMENT Pan Cape Breton Food Hub, to build advertising of local food.Alicia Lake 902-577-3260 cblocalfood

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