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Open call for Conference Proposals

Stories of Collaboration in Nova Scotia




Membertou, NS October 3-4, 2017

Effective Storytelling is the cornerstone of making change. At this year’s conference, “Many Hands, Many Voices” the focus is on how cross-sectoral collaboration strengthens our communities. A defining feature of the conference is the power of story – the stories we tell, and those we don’t tell. This event will showcase the collaborations that have made a difference in Nova Scotia’s development.

The Call: As a way of inspiring our work together, we seek to host a total of nine stories from across the province that illustrate cross-sectoral collaborations that have had social and/or economic impact.

Storytelling Format: Each of the nine stories selected will be featured in the first concurrent breakout session on Tuesday, October 3rd. Each session will be approximately 45-50 minutes, 20 minute maximum story, Q&A, and harvest. Each workshop will be hosted by a facilitator and each story and discussion will be harvested for sharing. Stories must include the following principles:

• Multiple collaborators of which at least one is Nova Scotia based.

• Must highlight the process of collaborating, both the struggles and the keys to success.

• Must discuss the impact of collaborating on the social and/or economic outcome.

• Must touch on one or more of the conference themes (click link below for more information). Submission deadline: Responses to this call for conference storytellers are due no later than midnight on Monday, June 19th, 2017.



Added bonus: Free delegate registration for each storyteller. 



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