CapeBretonVictoriaCounty Logo


Alderwood Residential Care Facility, Baddeck

Amoeba Sailing Tours

Baddeck & Area Minor Hockey Association
(PO Box 604, Badeck, NS B0E 1B0)

Baddeck Curling Club

Baddeck Forks Golf Club

Bay St Lawrence Community Centre

Baddeck Community Market

Cabot Shores (Cabot Trail Wilderness Resort)

Cabot Trail “Things to do”

Cabot Trail Writers Festival-North River

Cape Breton Barbarians Triathlon Club

Cape Breton Bible Camp

Cape Breton Crawling Crustacea

Cape Breton’s Family Place Resource Centre 902-562-5616

Cape Breton Fiddlers Run

Cape Breton Highlands

Cape Breton Highlands Golf Society

Cape Breton Island Resorts

Cape Breton Island “Things to do”

Cape Breton Island Trip Planner

Cape Breton Paddlefest

Cape Breton Island Pathways Association

Cape Breton Regional Library

Cape Breton Roadrunners Club
(To promote and foster running, as a life long endeavor for people of all ages)

Cape Breton Triathlon

Cape North Farmers’ Market

Cabot Trail

Cape Breton Triathlon
(Updates on Swimming, Biking & Running News in Cape Breton)

Celtic Colours

Central Cape Breton Community Portal

Central Cape Breton-Highland Heart

Coastal Water Trail Work

Doctors Nova Scotia

Eagle North Canoe & Kayak Rentals & Tours
Sea Kayaking Along the Cape Breton Highlands)

Exploring Natural Cape Breton (History Walking Tours)

Gaelic College

Healthy Eating Active Living Cape Breton (HEAL)

Heartland Tour

Hike the Highlands Festival

Hike Nova Scotia


Keltic Lodge Resort

North Highlands Nordic Ski Facility

North Victoria Community Centre

Nova Scotia Community Links (Ageing Well Together)

North of Smokey Activities Committee
Shelly Coones, Billy Joe Robinson or Lisa MacKinnon


Nova Scotia Yachting Association

Our Ingonish Health & Wellness

PaddleDog Kayak Tours – Baddeck

Sea Kayak Cape Breton Island
Sea Kayaking on Cape Breton Island with North River Kayaks
Skatepark (s):

Ski Cape Smokey

Ski Tuonela

Things to do in Cape Breton Island

United Church Hall Cape North
383-2369 / 383-2698

Velo Cape Breton

Victoria Highland Civic Centre Arena

Village of Baddeck
Visit Victoria County

Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre

Walking the Wildside Nature Tours
Guided, interpreted natural history tours. Explore magical woodlands, vibrant wetlands & coastal trails with legendary views. Birding a specialty, botany and geology. Contact: Bethsheila Kent

Along the Shores of Washabuck Festival

Bay St Lawrence Community Centre
Bay St. Lawrence Community Centre is a not for profit organization which provides resources for the local community in Cape Breton, NS. The Centre is a multi-use facility and includes: A Tearoom, Laundromat,
Preschool Centre, Public Washrooms, Health and Wellness Room, Gym Facilities, Teen Centre, CAPSITE (public internet access), Library /
Contact: Amy MacKinnon @ 383-2334 or by e-mail:

PHONE: (902) 295-2999

Sports Day in Canada

Baddeck Lions Club Boat to Kidston Island
(Three trails, Beach, Swim Lessons, Lighthouse)

Atlantic Path (Partnership for tomorrow’s Health)

Canadian Diabetes Association

Dance Nova Scotia

Doctors Nova Scotia

Every Day – Healthy Weight

Girl Guides of Canada
(Guiding is the place for today’s girls. Eco-activities, sports, camping, science,
fashion design, community service and more. Guiding has something for everyone.
Joining is easy: 1-800-565-8111)

Nova Scotia Health & Wellness: Active Living Branch
Our Wild Spaces (Identifying New Protected Areas for NS: 12% by 2015)


Recreation NS

Sport NS
Trans Canada Trail

Every Woman’s Journal
A Monthly Report on Programs and Issues Specific to Women of Cape Breton.
Every Woman’s Centre 102 Townsend Street Sydney, N.S. B1P 5E1
Phone: 567-1212 Fax: 567-1911.
Mission Statement: Every Woman’s Centre exists to promote, develop and
support the enhancement of women’s lives in Cape Breton communities within
the context of a feminist analysis. Mandate: To promote the economic, cultural,
social and educational interest of women and to initiate and promote programs
for the improvement of the physical,emotional, and social welfare of women.
The Centre can issue charitable receipts.
For further information, please visit: Wanda Earhart, Woman’s Support Worker,
Every Woman’s Centre

Doctors Nova Scotia

Kerry Copeland, Kids’Run Club Coordinator
Doctors Nova Scotia
(902) 468-8935 ext. 278

Low-Cost Helmets For All Sports – Cycling, Skiing, Snowboarding, Hockey
Safe Kids Canada has teamed up with Canadian manufacturer, Seven Star Sports
to provide low-cost helmets for all sports, including cycling, skiing, snowboarding and hockey.
• Bike Gear Bicycle Helmet; • Pro-Star Multi sport and Deluxe Helmet;
• Pro-Star Ice Hockey Helmet with Face Cage
• Pro-Star Ice Hockey Helmet; • Ski -Winter Sports Helmet;
Visit to download an order form and view the models available.
Place orders at or by fax to 905-574-7082. S
even Star Sports: 1-888-52-7STAR (7827).
A portion of sales supports Safe Kids Canada.

What Does Active Transportation (AT) Look Like in Nova Scotia

Beat The Heat
In the summer the combination of high heat and humidity can
be dangerous for some people. Those most at risk include the
elderly, people with certain chronic conditions (such as heart or
lung problems), people who can’t move or change position by
themselves, infants and preschool children, people who work or
exercise outdoors for a long period of time, and people taking
certain medications, especially those for mental health
conditions. For more infomation on heat and humidity, and tips
on preventing heat-related illnesses, see these resources:

The Trans Canada Trail is pleased to announce that the new  Trans Canada Trail BioKit, the latest addition to Environment Canada’s BioKit program aimed at families with young children. The purpose of the TCT BioKit, developed in collaboration with Environment Canada, is to inform Canadians about the value of local natural areas, to empower them to help  protect these areas through the use and appreciation of the Trail, and increase their
knowledge of biodiversity.

The Trans Canada Trail offers Canadians of all ages an opportunity to experience our great country through a variety of activities, and the BioKit is an innovative means of introducing  young people to the diverse nature of the Trail“,  says Deborah Apps.
For more information on the Trail Bio Kit visit

Ingonish Beach
-Ingonish Beach Video –
-Bras d’Or Lakes, Cape Breton Video –


Victoria County & Cape Breton:

  • Amy MacKinnon – Bay St Lawrence Community Centre

  • Eric Le Bel – CB Highlands National Park Superintendant

  • Sandy Hudson, CAO – Victoria County

  • Bruce Morrison, Warden – Victoria County

  • Ann MacKay MacNeil – Central Cape Breton Ventures Inc (Iona) & our Physical Activity strategy Implementation team representing Washabuck Peninsula

  • Bernadette MacLellan – Doctors, NS Youth Run

  • Norman Bernard – Chief, Wagmatcook

  • Brian Arbuthnot – CAO, Wagmatcook

  • Elaine Allison – Wagmatcook Health Centre

  • Cheryl Sams – Cape Breton Family Resource Centre Society (North of Smokey Playgroups & our Physical Activity strategy Implementation team representing Neil’s harbour

  • Eliot Frosst – Biosphere Reserve, Ross Ferry Marine Park & our Physical Activity strategy Implementation team representing Ross Ferry

  • Elyane Saul – Soccer coach, looks after hockey, basketball adult programs in Baddeck & our Physical Activity strategy Implementation team representing Middle River.

  • Patsy MacKenzie  – Friends of the Big Bras d’Or Fire hall, Yoga Instructor & our Physical Activity strategy Implementation team representing Big Bras d’Or.

  • Robin Stuart – Baddeck Runners Club, Englishtown Community Hall & our Physical Activity strategy Implementation team representing Englishtown.

  • Stephanie Laurette Johnstone – Active & Safe routes to school coordinator

  • Ashton, Aron – Public Health Educator & our Physical Activity strategy Implementation team representing Public Health Services (NS Health)

  • Marie Hawley – Ingonish Development Society, teacher at cabot school, Community leader

  • CB Highlands National Park Visitor Experience

  • Terry Bernard – Wagmatcook Mi’Kmaw Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator

  • Nancy Smith – St Ann’s Bay Healthy Society Group

  • Angela Mackinnon – community leader, former NVCC (Northern Victoria Community Centre) Facility Enhancement Coordinator
  • David Fraser – NVCC (Northern Victoria community Centre)

  • MacLean, Debbie – Dietician, Victoria County Memorial Hospital

  • Gwynn-Brett, Kathryn – PhysioTherapist, Buchanan Memorial Hospital & our Physical Activity strategy Implementation team representing Cape North.

  • McKay, Wayne – Cape Breton Region Physical Activity Consultant, NS Dept of Communities, Culture & Heritage

  • Larry Dauphinee – Victoria County Councillor, Ski cape Smokey Society

  • Michelle LeBlanc – Dietician, Buchanan Memorial Hospital

  • Gwen Shaw – Recreation Director, Alderwood


  • Madeline Harvey, Bell Museum National historic Site

  • Gerard MacNeil – Washabuck Community Centre

  • Leigh Anne Buchanan – Baddeck Whycocomagh Minor Hockey

  • Anderson, Rose – Facility manager at Victoria County Memorial Hospital

  • Rodney Chaisson – Highland Village Museum

  • Sarah Penney – Baddeck Duathlon

  • Alicia Lake – Pan CB Food Hub / Baddeck Farmers Market

  • Iris Kedmi – Village of Baddeck Commisioner, Baddeck FestiVille

  • Kim Dixon – School basketball, other, owner of ultramar Wagmatcook

  • Darren Baker – Baddeck Forks Golf Club

  • Kate Oland – Baddeck Library Librarian

  • Brian Chandler – Baddeck Lions Club

  • Brian Macleod – Minister, Youth Group leader, Baddeck Rugby Club

  • Baddeck Barnacles Diving Club

  • Margrit Gahlinger – Sun Gym, Bay St Lawrence, Jumping Mouse Playground

  • Bell Bay Golf Club
  • Hashem, Kevin – Big Bras d’Or Wharf / Big Bras d’Or Fire Hall

  • Jonathan Saul – Biosphere NorthEast Trails Association

  • Angela Currie – Principal, Boularderie School

  • Nancy Greene – Big Bras d’Or Fitness

  • Angelo Spinazzola – Paddledog Kayaks, North River Kayaks, Singer

  • kathy anne woodford – Bras d’Or Yacht Club Sailing Programs

  • Stephen Kerr – Bras d’Or Archers Association

  • Marjorie Pierro – Principal, Wagmatcookewey School

  • Jim Foulds 0 Biosphere Reserve Association

  • Bras d’Or Yacht Club Coordinator

  • Frances Aucoin – Cabot Snowmobile Club

  • Lewis MacDonald – CB-VRSB, Facility & Transportation Coordinator.

  • Monica Hogan – Community Leader, sports teams Victoria North

  • David Parkinson – Cabot Trail Relay

  • Rhoda Maccormick – Ross Ferry Community leader: Yoga, running Instructor, etc.

  • Dave O”keefe

  • MacKeigan, Nancy – Baddeck Canada Health Day, Social worker Victoria County Memorial Hospital

  • JoAnna LaTulippe-Rochon – ED of CB Family Place Resource Centre Society

  • Leo Donovan – North of Smokey Karate Program

  • Cape Breton Island Hoppers – Cape Breton Walking Program, Volksmarch

  • Rosalie Gillis – CB Regional Library

  • Scott MacKinnon – Cape North Farmers Market

  • Robert Macdonald

  • mary ivey – St Michaels Church, Community Leaders, NS Health Authority

  • CLANS Organization – North of Smokey

  • Barb MacDonald – Principal, Baddeck Academy school

  • Jackie MacLellan – Wagmatcookewey School Teacher, Certified Yoga Instructor (Middle River & Wagmatcook)

  • Bev Bryson – Yoga Instructor, Baddeck Lions Club

  • Duncan MacKinnon – North of Smokey Wrestling & Cabot School Wrestling, NVCC (Northern Victoria Community Centre)

  • Chester Whitty – Ingonish Development Society (Ingonish Outdoor Rink)

  • Tanya Hawley, Huckle Buckle, community leader

  • Tara Turnbull

  • North Highlands Museum

  • Linda Murray – North Highlands Nordic /

  • MacDonald, Steve – TIR Manager, Baddeck Office

Margie – Minister, cape North, NOS Safer Communities

  • Cyril MacDonald – Annual JJ McDermitt ½ marathon (Feb)

  • Robert Bernard (WCHC) – Wagmatcook Heritage Culture Centre Mng & Tourism

  • Andrew MacDonald – Victoria Highland Civic Centre (Baddeck Arena)

  • Donna MacDonald – VCCAPS; Our Baddeck Wesite

  • Jim Eldridge – ATV Baddeck, South Haven Community Centre, South haven Sq Dancing

  • Jennifer Westhaver – Ingonish Card party’s

  • Sheena Dixon – Fitness Instructor, North of Smokey, Ingonish Home hardware

  • Principal – Rankin School of the Narrows, Theresa MacNeil

  • Donnie Simms – Principal, Cabot School

  • Eileen Woodford – Chair, Municipal Physical Activity Strategy; Retired – Rural Director of Health

  • Sarah McCormack

  • St Ann’s Bay Health Group Society

  • Wendy Mac Neil

  • St Ann’s Bay Development Association

  • Paula LeBlanc – SchoolPlus Coordinator (VC Schools)

  • Principal, North Highlands Elementary school principal

  • Donna Anton

  • Maxine Hardy – Principal, Cape Smokey Elementary School

  • Teacher, Cabot school, Phys. Ed. Teacher, etc.

  • Brenda

  • Lisa Dixon – Giant MacKaskill Hall, Englishtown

  • MacMillan, Kelly – Youth Health Centre Coordinator (Rankin, Waycobah & Wagmatcook schools)

  • David Fraser – Northern Victoria Community Centre

  • North Highlands Museum

  • Katie MacRae – Middle River Community Hall & Programming


  • Middle River Community Hall

Shirley Hart’

  • David Paterson – Middle River Recreation Association

  • Eagle North Kayaking (Dingwall)

  • Matt MacAulay – Inverary Resort

  • Kyla Dunphy Williams – Ingonish Development Society, Smokey Recreation society, Ingonish landing

  • Ross, Sarah  – NS Health Public Nutritionist


  • Debbie Madore – Nutrition Learning Coord, CB-VRSB

  • Rodney MacDonald – Gaelic College

  • Claudia Gahlinger – North Smokey Orchards Project; Cabot school community gardens, Cape North Farmers Market

  • Lee Williams – Events Coordinator, IDS (Ingonish Development Society)

  • David O’Neil

  • Dr. Beth MacCormick – Englishtown Musselfest, Englishtown Correspondant, Dr. Englishtown Community Hall

  • Connie MacAskill – Giant McKaskill Community Centre Community Fitness Room

  • Eric Latwaitis – RCMP (Baddeck)

  • Jody Nelson – Ecology Action Centre (Local Foods, Community Gardens, Food skills, etc. )

  • Pat Maher – Professor at CBU – outdoors, rec

  • CBRM Rec Coordinator – Ashley Eeisan

  • Inverness Co Rec Coord, Anna Lee MacEachern

  • Corinne Gillis – Port Hawkesbury Physical Activity Coordinator & Greens/Dept Coordinator

  • C MacDonald – CBRM

  • Donna MacDonald – Inverness Co Rec Director, Tourism

  • North of Smokey Activities Committee – Shelly Coones, Billy Joe Robinson or Lisa MacKinnon

  • Jeannie Faye – Eskasoni Mi’Kmaw Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator

  • Laurie Samson – Rec Coord, Richmond County

  • Paula Davis – Recreation Director, Port Hawkesbury

  • Maynard Marshall – Poqletek Mi’Kmaw Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator

  • Wally Bernard – Waycobah Mi’Kmaw Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator

  • Maxwell, Larry – Cape Breton Rep, NS Dept of Communities Culture & Heritage

  • Krista Devoe – Membertou Mi’Kmaw Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator

Neils Harbour New Haven Development Association that has the Outdoor Fun centre, David Donovan – Phone: (902) 336-2546 (h)

  • Colleen Clare – CBRM Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator


  • Denny, Levi


  • Paul Weinburg, Cabot Shores, St Anns bay Development Society

  • John Hudec ( – CBU Prof; Rural Chronic Disease Committee & Physical Activity Sub-committee


  • Josette Marchand, Recreation Director, Richmond County

  • Jennifer L. Collins – CBRM Recreation Director

  • Claire MacLean – Eastern region Coordinator, Heart & Stroke Foundation



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