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Monday, July 17, 2017



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  1. Calgary’s Mayor Describes Beating A Cape Breton Speeding Ticket »
  2. Sydney Mines driver faces second-degree murder charge after pede… »
  3. Spoiler: The Next CAO of the CBRM is Marie Walsh »
  4. Woman dies in Halifax hospital after being struck by car, driver… »
  5. Gaelic songstress Sarah MacInnis emerges from ancestors’ shadow »
  6. Cape Breton woman facing second-degree murder charge after alleg… »
  7. A record breaking season for lobster in Inverness County »
  8. How To Play TARABISH »
  9. Cape Breton parents hit a wall in playground dispute »
  10. Cape Breton doctors reprimanded for misdiagnosis, improper recor… »

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