Northern Cape Breton

There has never been a better place to get outside! We are home to world renowned hiking trails, kayaking routes, scenic drives and boat tours. The Cape Breton Highlands are composed of rugged mountains, coastal plains and rich valleys. Several small fishing communities dot our coast, providing a comfortable home for your highland experience


Want to know a Secret?

Of the hundreds of thousands of tourists that come to Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island each year, only a small number of visitors discover the Top of the Island. Located at the Northern most section of the Cabot Trail, The Top of the Island is a rugged and breath-taking place that is one of the last undeveloped, authentic travel destinations on the east coast of North America.

The northern location of the Top of the Island region, results in visitors being central to activities and outdoor attractions located on both the East, and Western sides of the Island, which makes the region an ideal location for vacationers. The Top of the Island is a one-stop destination for guided eco-friendly, family friendly, and adventure based activities. If you have two, three, four, or more days to spend: then enjoy the natural, Top of the Island specific activities, while remaining close to everything Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has to offer.

While at the Top of the Island whether you hike, bike, kayak, drive, whether you camp, enjoy a bed and breakfast, a quiet cottage, or an efficient motel, you will have the rare experience of being alone and surrounded by crisp clean air, an endless ocean of whales, and luscious green Highlands rising over unpopulated, open beaches.

The region from Neils’s Harbour to Meat Cove is an area that offers outdoor enthusiasts a myriad of activities that allow them to experience first hand the rugged beauty for which northern Cape Breton is deservedly famous. Moreover, these activities are not reserved for the elite adventurer, but may be pursued and enjoyed by visitors with a wide variety of fitness levels.

Regardless the time of year or the activity you enjoy (hiking, biking, tobogganing, snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling) Northern CB is your destination

Cabot Trail Outdoor Adventures – About the Region (Northern Cape Breton)

Wild Mountain to Ocean Vistas, Great Places to Stay; Fresh Seafood; 27 amazing national park hikes, multiple whale watching tours and miles of sand beaches…

You won’t want to leave – Explore Our Region: A Place to Play

There is adventure for everyone here. Bring your family and stroll along the miles of pristine beaches, swim in the clear mountain streams, or hike one of our coastal plateaus.  Stay in quality campgrounds, BandB’s and cozy coastal cottages. For the adventure seekers we have rugged hikes, exposed coastlines and challenging mountain biking routes.

To truly experience the region, head to the water for a great paddle around our calm harbours, or have a guide lead you around the rugged Cape Breton coastline. Our sea kayaking is world renowned in beauty. Whatever your sport, speed and style, there is something here for you, where the mountains meet the sea!

For more information on the region; check out our local ‘Top of the Island’ tourism site for everything available up here in northern Cape Breton





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