Local Organizations

VictoriaCounty Logo

  • North Highlands Community Museum & Culture Centre


  • Baddeck FreeWheelers

$2 meeting fee. Men only, come when you want, have a cup of coffee. Baddeck Legion basement on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am.

mens talk2

  • Baddeck Valley 4-H – Baddeck Forks area

Projects, volunteer experiences, social events, camps, agriculture and craft skills
Marina Gillis: 563-2001 or 945-2901 or gillisma@gov.ns.ca

  • Cape Breton Family Resource Centre – Victoria County Events


  • Crowdis Mountain Snowmobile Club



  • Baddeck Rugby Football Club

Rev Brian D. MacLeod, M.Div.
902-295-1522 (church) / 902-295-0918 (cell)

  • Hike the Highlands


  • St Ann’s Walking Group (Hiking/Snowshoeing)

Please check St Ann’s Community Event Sheet Calendar for their regular Saturday 10 am Schedule

  • Brookside Gardens & Horticultural Services
    1167 Big Baddeck Road, Baddeck Valley, Nova Scotia
    Telephone: (902) 295-2858


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