Wagmatcook First Nation


Wagmatcook Hosted 2017 Nova Scotia Mi’Kmaw Games

(August 20 – 27, 2017)




Naturally Active for Life Victoria County Proud to Support in Partnership Wagmatcook Coaches NCCP Certification (June 2016)

This past weekend was huge in the development of sport in our communities. As a joint effort between Membertou, Sport Nova Scotia, and High Five, 37 community members from 6 Mi’kmaw communities, Membertou, Eskasoni, Potlotek, Wagmatcook, Waycobah, and Paqtnkek are now NCCP certified coaches in softball, soccer, basketball and volleyball. We also have 29 coaches dedicated to making sport and rec experiences positive, by becoming certified in High Five Sport. I want to send out a huge thank you to Sport NS, each sport trainer, and each community for supporting the growth of trained athletes in Mi’kmaw communities. Sport training has been on my radar for the last 3 years, and I am certainly not finished yet!!” – Krista Devoe, Physical Activity Coordinator, Membertou

Naturally Active for Life Victoria County A Proud Supporter & Partner of the Wagmatcook Mi’Kmaw Surf Program – Summer 2016

Held: Point Michaud, Richmond County – Participants

(Since 2015)


 Naturally Active for Life Victoria County‬ A Proud Partner in Spring 2016 MiKmaw Youth‬ Lifeguard Certification‬ & Swimming Lessons

 ‪#‎PortHawkesbury‬ Pool- Proud to Support ‪#‎CapeBretonRegion‬ MiKmaw Youth in their ‪#‎Skill‬ ‪#‎Leadership‬ ‪#‎Development‬ benefiting residents & visitors‪#‎VictoriaCounty‬ ‪#‎CapeBreton‬ #PortHawkesbury ‪#‎Swimming‬ ‪#‎Wagmatcook‬ ‪#‎WagmatcookeweySchool

Wagmatcook Focus Groups for Community Physical Activity Strategy HELD



Wagmatcook Physical Activity Coordinator

Terry Bernard <terrancebernardmpal@gmail.com>

Terry Represents Wagmatcook on the Naturally Active (Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy) Partnership.

Terry was recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation for his efforts in assisting us to implement our strategy and for the role he plays for his community on Oct. 21, 2014 during the “Celebration” of Naturally Active Victoria County at Wagmatcookewey School by Eileen Woodford, Chair of the Strategy Partnership.

Chief Norman and Wagmatcook was recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of outstanding contributions to Naturally Active Victoria County (Physical Activity Strategy) on Oct. 21, 2014 during the “Celebration” of Naturally Active Victoria County at Wagmatcookewey School by Athol Grant, Municipal Councillor and Heather Moyse, 2 Time Gold Medalist & Flag Bearer


Victoria County and Wagmatcook Partner and work in Collaboration to offer active and healthy lifestyle opportunities for residents and visitors including the following successful initiatives:

Naturally Active Victoria County was glad to host with our First Nation Community Wagmatcook a very successful 1st Unplug + Play Back to Nature Youth Rally.

Hats off to all partners, participants, adult champions, organizers, Presenters, Chief Norman, fellow MPAL’s (Jeannine Jeannine Faye Denny; Wallace Matthew, Terry Bernard ) and Wagmatcookewey School a great effort.

  •  Testimonials:      Extraordinary, Cool, Fun, awesome, educational;
  • Negative:            Lots of couldn’t use our phone!

Zumba a hit, Outdoor Survival, Hug a Tree (Cape Breton Search and Rescue); crafts; chinese food!; Making Luskinigan; Eel skin added to schools showcase; soccer baseball (Bring back play); Waltis-Cultural Journey; Smudging; new program logo name created; T’s, water bottles; survival packs; certificates; group shots; ‪#‎UnplugAndPlay ‪#‎NaturallyActiveVictoriaCounty ‪#‎VictoriaCounty ‪#‎Wagmatcook

UNPLUG AND PLAY APRIL 2015 TShirts UNPLUG AND PLAY PARTNERS MARCH 2015 UNPLUG AND PLAY TSHIRTS MARCH 2015 UnPlugandPlay               UnplugandPlayMarch23to292015    UnplugandPlayPhoto


Wagmatcook Community Garden (In Partnership with Ecology Action Centre) 

Active Girls Only


Partnering with our Wagmatcook First Nation Community:

ActiveGirlsOnlyProgramWagmatcookPAPEPresentation ActiveGirlsOnlyProgramWagmatcookPAPEPresentationPDF

Healthy Hearts for Boys Program


HealthyHeartsProgramWagmatcookPAPEPresentationNov222013 HealthyHeartsProgramWagmatcookPAPEPresentationNov222013PDF

Girl Power Program


GIRLPOWERPowerPointPresentationOctober3020122 GIRLPOWERPowerPointPresentationOctober3020122PDF GirlPowerprogramScheduleOctober2012PDF


Playground for Wagmatcookewey School


Wagmatcook Ski School (North Highlands Nordic, Cape North)

WagmatcookFitnessCentreWagmatcookFitnessRoomVictoria, Subd. B-20130304-02597

Fitness Centre at Wagmatcook Culture and Heritage Centre

(Leadership under NS “Thrive” Accessing Facilities Funding included)

Wagmatcook Moving Forward Together Healthy Forum




Wagmatcook Native Walkers Program


Wagmatcook Health Day


Wagmatcook After-school Yoga

(NS “Thrive” After-school Funding included)


E’pite’ji’jk Pasik (Girls Only) After-school Program

GO(Girls Only)ThriveSessionPresentationNov92013Gaelic College

(NS “Thrive” After-school Funding included)



”NO EXCUSES: Believe in Yourself. Believe in the Possibilities. There are No Guarantees. Be the Best that You Can Be! Do Not Give Up” – Heather Moyse, 2 Time Gold Medalist (“Celebration” of Naturally Active Oct 20 & 21, 2014: @HeatherMoyse)


Interactive Race Participants with Heather


Indian Drummers and Wagmatcookewey  School with Heather


“Choices” and Interactive Races


Waycobah: MPAL Coordinator Wally Bernard and Waycobah School

BAMB.a.M Cape Breton Program


Richmond County                                     Cape Breton Highlands National Park


Eskasoni – Cross Trail


Back to Nature – Girls Outdoor Retreat (Cabot Shores, Victoria County)                  




Naturally Active Coordinator assisted at Wagmatcook Christmas Party

PrintEvent at Wagmatcook


Victoria County is very grateful for the Partnership with Wagmatcook residents, visitors, volunteers, leaders, service providers, facility operators & Band Council and looks forward to “Moving Forward Together” benefiting residents and visitors as outlined in the Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy:


Goal # 3 – Programs & Activities 

Objective 3.5: Work with Wagmatcook First Nation to pursue opportunities to expand involvement in physical activity and healthy eating
1. We will pursue unique barriers faced by Wagmatcook First Nation that can be addressed to promote physical activity and healthy eating S Health Canada Wagmatcook; Just Move It – Canada (JMI); Thrive!; DHW; Just Move It – Canada; Victoria County; Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey SB
2.Encourage cross-cultural (i.e. Pow Wow’s) participation exposing residents to our culture, heritage and history H Wagmatcook First Nation Victoria County; DHW; Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey
3.Create Wagmatcook Healthy Community Committee (Victoria County and Wagmatcook Leaders) M Wagmatcook First Nation Victoria County; DHW; Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey SB
4.We along with partners will work in collaboration with First Nation leaders to increase physical activity and healthy eating O Wagmatcook First Nation DHW; Thrive!; Victoria County; Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey SB
5.Wagmatcook First Nation and Victoria County commit as partners for each other’s physical activity strategy’s; Provincial Mi’Kmaw and Municipal Physical Activity Coordinators working together

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