Canada Health Day Since 2012


Naturally Active for Life Victoria County Est. 2011 (Municipal Physical Activity Strategy) Participates in its 6th Straight Canada Health Day 2017 – A SUCCESS


Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Municipal Physical Activity Strategy Est. 2011) Participates in its 5th Straight Canada Health Day 2016 – A SUCCESS:

#NaturallyActiveforLifeVictoriaCounty Proud to Participate in its 5th straight (Since 2012) #CanadaHealthDay today (May 6th), very successful at the #BaddeckCommunityCentre – Hats off to all involved – #VCMH #Auxilliary (Nancy MacKeigan Penny Chapman, Jim Morrow- Victoria Standard, etc. for covering the event)
Great to meet the other display reps, the public & Thank You for the nice comments received from all over #CapeBreton on the success of the strategy, always appreciated. Event is always appreciated
Thank You Yoga Instructor Patsy MacKenzie for being part of the #NaturallyActiveforLifeVictoriaCounty display (Also on the strategy Implementation Team VCAN representing Big Bras d’Or) – Kudos! It was #fun, a great crowd, with tasty tea & refreshments!


Naturally Active for Life Victoria County Enjoyed Being Part of Canada Health Day 2015

Lunch, Bake sale, displays, health checks, live displays, etc. at Baddeck Hospital (Our 4th Year participating in a row). Thanks to Everyone who participated, it was a fun day and had a chance to meet a lot of people (Familiar and new), great leaders and organizations.

Highlights: Communitree by St Ann’s Health Group and Daughter Jenna Securing a EHS Teddy Bear (Thank You-she loved it) and assisting Naturally Active Victoria County in passing out bookmarks, rubber wrist bands, volunteer notepads, etc.

Also, resident who participates in the Wellness walkers walk and fitness room at Rankin School who said to me – “Appreciate the program, very beneficial to her and the 18 participants (Hats Off to Ann Marie McNeil, CBVRSB, Rankin School, Thrive, Naturally Active & NS Health and wellness)”.

See you all next year 2016!





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