Canada Health Day Since 2012

Naturally Active for Life Victoria County Est. 2011 (Municipal Physical Activity Strategy) was Proud to Participate in our 6th Straight Canada Health Day 2017 – A SUCCESS, See You Again Soon (No participation/ask in 2018)


Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Municipal Physical Activity Strategy Est. 2011) Participates in its 5th Straight Canada Health Day 2016 – A SUCCESS:

#NaturallyActiveforLifeVictoriaCounty Proud to Participate in its 5th straight (Since 2012) #CanadaHealthDay today (May 6th), very successful at the #BaddeckCommunityCentre – Hats off to all involved – #VCMH #Auxilliary (Nancy MacKeigan Penny Chapman, Jim Morrow- Victoria Standard, etc. for covering the event)
Great to meet the other display reps, the public & Thank You for the nice comments received from all over #CapeBreton on the success of the strategy, always appreciated. Event is always appreciated
Thank You Yoga Instructor Patsy MacKenzie for being part of the #NaturallyActiveforLifeVictoriaCounty display (Also on the strategy Implementation Team VCAN representing Big Bras d’Or) – Kudos! It was #fun, a great crowd, with tasty tea & refreshments!








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