Kidston Island Since 1951


Proudly Operated by the Baddeck Lions Club (Since 1951)

Supervised swimming‬ + hiking‬  trails‬ + Swimming Lessons + shuttle

2018 Season of Operation

-Operating the ferry to Kidston Island began on Canada Day (July 1st, 2018)

Kidston Island Swimming Lessons 2018

Please note: Registration closed July 18, 2018-
The Lions Club of Baddeck organizes swimming lessons for children between the ages of 3 and 14 years old.
The lessons are 30 minutes long and happen daily between the hours of 10:30 am and 12:30 pm, 5 times a week, Monday through Friday for 2 weeks. The first day will be Monday, July 23rd 2018.
The costs are $35.00 for the 1st child in the family and $20.00 for each additional family member and need to be paid in full on the first day of the lessons, either in cash or by cheque.
If it rains on the day of the swimming lessons, they will be cancelled.
For additional questions or to sign up your child(ren) for lessons, please contact Coordinator Hanna MacSween. You may reach her on her cell phone at 1 (902) 574-7128 or even better, just send her a text message.
Good luck and best wishes to all the participants.


HELD – Summer 2017 Schedule

***Please Note: Last Day is Monday, August 28th, 2017


  • Mondays to Fridays – 10 am to 6 pm (Last boat leaves at 5:45 pm)


  • Saturday’s and Sunday’s – 12 noon to 6 pm (Last boat leaves at 5:45 pm)

Swimming Lessons‬

Look for Swimming Lessons Started at Kidston Island on July 24th for 2 weeks. times tba, but mentioned 10:30 am. Please ask for lifeguard on charge when you are at the island or on the shuttle for further information.
Thank you Summer staff and the Baddeck Lions Club for all you do benefiting residents and visitors for 60 + years.

History of Kidston Island



Kidston Island Walking Trail (3 Trails)