Build Your Own Rink

Make it & Skate it! It’s Easy!
BoularderieOutdoorRinkVictoria, Subd. B-20130107-01529
• Building outdoor rinks is growing fast, taken on by more and more Canadians every year. In today’s fast-paced world, it is easy to forget to be active. Grab your family and friends, and build your own rink. Take the time to have fun–and be healthy while you’re at it.

What you need
• All you need are a few inexpensive tools and a sense of adventure!
• Level space (20×40 feet is a good size)
• Lumber (2×6 or 2×8 pieces are great)
• Screws
• Shovels
• Brushes
• Hose
• Tarp (must be 2 feet wider and two feet longer than your actual rink)
• About 2 hours, plus freezing time before use

Safety Tips
• As with any and all outdoor activities in the winter, make sure you are dressed warmly and appropriately for the weather, with something to cover your head and ears, comfortable footwear, and layers of clothing.
• Make sure your rink is completely frozen before skating on it.
• Always skate with a friend.

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