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Wagmatcookewey School


School policies supporting physical activity and sport

This Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute fact sheet summarizes information from the 2015 Opportunities for Physical Activity at School survey.  The majority of schools surveyed in Canada implement policies supportive of physical activity.  Policies to ensure National Coaching Certification for school based coaches and policies to encourage active transportation to and from school were much less common than other types of policies (e.g. policies that ensure age and stage appropriate development physical activity and sport or those than ensure a range of physical activity opportunities)  Find it here

Children and Youth

Classroom standing desks and sedentary behavior:  A systematic review

This research reviewed  studies that investigated the impact of standing desks in classrooms (with children ages 5-18) to reduce sitting time.  It is considered to have “moderate” strength.  The results support using standing desks in classrooms due to potential to decrease sitting time.  Some studies reported improved classroom behaviour as well.  More research will help explain the impact of this intervention on academic performance and risk for chronic disease. Health Evidence summary:

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